You are always around, to know nothing

Recently I was somewhere, just somewhere with someone, even in plural. What remains is a memory. It was a wonderful experience because I smile. I would still like to do it again one more time. I also have a memory of a deceased. It was a complete life. It was good. 

Both memories are separate. Each in its own time. Interspersed with quiet emotion. My eyes gazing through the the garden the next minute. This is another place in a moment. Meanwhile, I stare at my PC screen and the garden has become an idea.

These are already three experiences in a brief sense of time. Followed up by new gently insistent reminders. Countless, waving, sometimes close, almost tangible, more remote.

Hurray. I live! Without me, not just anywhere, no dead, no garden, not a PC screen. And the other  trains full of exuberant passenger crowding the stations,  drive just in me. Oh, and for me, because without them I saw nothing, for there was nothing, absolutely nothing.

Where was the deceased with the complete life? Well, she often came along and I walked with her. Often, she popped up, quick greeting and with haste. More often I looked up, gave little attention. 

Many moments later, even a whole day passed, the rail yard is still full of agitated and excited passengers. I survey the whole. Slightly tired,  i wave to everyone, but welcomed none today.
I look but do not write, I hear vague, but consider it only if it senses that without me.
Without me no senses, no consideration and no visibility. Without visibility no life, no color, no hearing, no smell. Bodiless no experience, no feeling.
Who can know? Who was ever without perception?

Where does the garden come from, the deceased and the PC screen? And where do all the other trains full of by passing passengers  come from?  Give your eyes not to blame, let the ears but hear and smell nice on my nose . So it will always be. For eternity. In all dimentions so you will.