Do I need more to live in the moment?

Teach me first how NOT to live in the moment If you can do this I will make a deep bow for you. I know, it is a cry that you hear nowadays indiscriminately. A beautiful calendar wisdom. No more and no less.You live always in the moment because there is nothing else outside you. Moreover, there is no ME who lives an instant moment inside you. Search for that ME in the momentum for me as well.

That is a way that you can make as you like as long as or shortly. However, you make it easier to realise direct that you are always there where you need to be, everything included.

Why do you ask this anyway?

I notice that I even when I make a nice walk through a beautiful landscape all sorts of nasty thoughts go through my mind. My daily worries, like.

And you certainly want to get rid of them?

Then tell me so! You walk so delicious in your own jiffy and you take a whole package of baggage with you on the go. That is the nature of the physical. The body is the expression of consciousness as idea, formed in the dust. And that includes all sorts of brain noise. Let the noise the noise and let that noise, but take care of themselves.

Imagine yourself traveling again to a place after a year or ten absences, a place with many good memories. Now let’s leave the navigation system home and go on the road. If you’re in the destination area you will notice many memories emerging that help you find your way. How convenient that memory; a memory itself is nothing else than applied thoughts. I’m not saying that you could not find your way without those memories, but it comes in handy at many times. Usually you don’t daily wonder if your toothpaste still lies on its spot. Eventually, reaching your vacation destination is becoming more self-evident based on your memory to find the way.

So then these old views from the past don’t hold me away of a new experience?

Let’s learn to accept first that the body is materialised thought in itself. And that body seems to want to express itself by producing new thoughts by the millions. That leads to new shapes in the contrast and so it goes on forever.

Accept it to the fullest and you will realize that you itself always are the correct position. Quite obvious you’re always here and now that cannot be otherwise. In that substantial experience THE HEART, that’s YOU, will immediately take the chance to show her selves. You don’t have to do absolutely nothing for it. Accept everything that just seems to happen all by itself And especially don’t fight it. Just let it be forever.