The Beauty of The Heart in Arts

It is already a few days ago that I was pleasantly surprised by the notification that ‘ The Who ‘and ‘ Kate Bush ‘ would act live during the closing ceremony of the olympics in London. Specially Kate Bush got my attention. In my teens and early twenties I was full into Symphonic Rock and other synthesizer-composers. Bands like Genesis and Yes were on the top of my liking. I loved to play their songs on keyboard myself and never thought there would be anything better than that into music.

When Peter Gabriel left Genesis and Phil Collins turned the band more into a mainstream tho still symphonic band, I got surprised when Peter Gabriel made a song with pop star Kate Bush I got a bit shocked: how could he! I had a growing interest for the grand piano. Interest that went from Jazz, towards classical music over the years. Self playing Piano without any sheet-music was more or less my way to open my Heart for many years.

Overtime listening back the older songs of Genesis or Yes I still knew why I was so thrilled by them when I was young. But I also started to be convinced that Kate Bush probably has one of the best voices since early recording times. And now she didn’t show up at the closing ceremony, like she had not performed on stage in about 29 years or so. Still making records, but not performing.

Rocket Man (song)

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A deep ongoing connection

In an article on Kate Bush some scientist compared her to Mozart who also was very young composing ( Kate Bush started at the age of 12). I did not need anything else to know why impressive talented artists have hard times to find a way to connect with their audience besides just composing in oftentimes volumes hardly met by anyone else. My favorite on the Grand Piano, Keith Jarrett, is another good example of artists that are always in some stream of producing. Sure, he performs on stage now and then, but dropping a needle by some spectator in the audience can let him stop playing his on stage improvised pieces. Great artists have a deep ongoing connection with themselves. And they are aware of that. They don’t need a world for an audience. They have themselves. And they just need to express themselves on and on. This behaviour does not fit in a mainstream world.

My teacher, Alexander Smit, once approached me when I was playing the Piano and asked me: ‘Ronald can you explain where this music comes from’? Good question! I loved to sit down and I always let my fingers decide what to play. Now my teacher left me puzzling with for me a Koan. Sure I could come up with answers like the Universe is trembling, we are sound itself or it is coming from my heart, it is direct. Well, fill in the gaps, but none of them would point to a fulfilling answer.

It is not a 2-way traffic-lane. It is a circle!

Last night I heard Gustav Mahler‘s 5th. For me this piece is beyond words. I remember when I saw a large Piece of Kandinsky in the National museum in Budapest, when I heard Osho talking about Enlightenment for the first time, Peter Gabriel performing Biko, Egberto Gismonti touching his guitar, Edward Witten explaining his theories on the universe. What they have in common is the pure Beauty within. It is perfect. One single note, one drop of Paint, or one new word could turn a masterpiece into nothing.

Something created in pureness is straight from The Heart. Not your Heart-chakra. No it is The Reflection of YOU. When you meet Beauty, you become silent. It knocks you of your feet. You become in awe! It is not the painting of the Mona Lisa itself, it is YOU recognising YOURself. Immediate, with no escape. Is there something called taste, or preference? Sure, THE Heart, YOU, will show itself in a thousand varieties. Still it is YOU meeting YOURself, every time you are touched by something in the world of objects, or by sharing your own talents. Music and Poetry, it doesn’t come from you or the Universe. YOU ARE THAT. Now I hope you can see that YOU are always on the move finding ways to express YOU in connection. It is wonderful, and so thrillingly delicate. Just enjoy the arts like you enjoy the giggle of a baby or the smell of a rose. You have far more to give than you have ever expected to share. There is no world outside YOU that you will need to give you some credits. YOU are that world Be creative. You have so much to give.

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