Advaita Vedanta: the Immediate Love!

Although your words, based in the old tradition of Advaita Vedanta, point me to Truth itself, over and over , at times it totally seems to avoid the deep emotional Problems people look an immediate answer for. The Answer always makes a real life problem into somewhat trivial. Can you go deeper into this?

One of the reactions I sometimes get about Advaita Vedanta as a way to acknowledge Truth, is that it is having a problem to recognise the real deep emotions from people having a tough time in their lives. It’s not a first time I hear that. So I would like to go deeper into this.

During the years that I visited my masters (Alexander Smit) Satsangs I noticed how specific He could be in his answer, asked by one and given to all. But fully mentioned in a very personal approach to the questioner.

At moments you would expect Him to be soft and compassionate, the answer could be packed in an overwhelming thunderstorm of words falling down upon the questioner. At other moments He could be as gentle as a nursing mother, full of care and comforting. The magic was the way the answer was received. People cried, laughed, went silent. Then the message had found its way. Some of His answers to me are up to 20 years old. And still they find their roots in a deep foundation inside me and at the moments I needed them, they would suddenly but certain show up out of nothing.

Advaita Vedanta found Me on my way to get answers on ‘ who am I’ . It’s because Satsang with the Master creates an immediate connection with Truth itself. The message itself in fact is full of Love. A Love that sets you off in Highway-speed beyond the mist of thoughts. Words itself are just the method of expression, like petrol ignites your car-motor.

Sometimes I find myself dragged into a discussion about the words itself. Advaita Vedanta as a political wordfeud: debating the words itself instead of where the words do point at. You can use Fire to cook yourself a great Meal, but also you can use the same match-stick to burn down your neighbour’s house. The Fire itself doesn’t care. Its you who will be asked to make a choice, an immediate Identification with the match-stick in your hands.

All of you look for Enlightenment, no doubt. What else would you be doing in this awakening-state? This Life is all meant to realise Yourself. Even for the people who are not interested in any spiritual direction, the clock is ticking and not backwards. So there is no escape. When Advaita Vedanta hits your life: you can tell your friends it’s a Ferrari that took you further. Fasten your seatbelts and let it take you down the road of Life! I knew this after one meeting but. Others will leave it behind to find themselves into another vehicle.

I feel immensely touched by what happens during our talks. True enough. At the same time I hope to find relief here for the sudden Loss of my husband. It’s hard to get my emotional life into balance again.

The loss of you husband is not to be solved with these kind of sessions. I also meet people who say at such moments in life: it’s all Maya or just a Body-Mindtrip. If this is a way to handle with a sudden emotional loss in your life that’s fine with me. I won’t recommend it.

I am not doing that?

Still there is some part of you looking for a spiritual answer to the loss you had. Listen carefully now: acknowledge your pain. Cry! Let the tears come and shout it out that you are in pain. Because that is what you are. Loosing someone you care is a very hard thing. Its takes time to overcome the event. It’s not like a real punch in your face. That pain will fade away and the blue marks will leave soon enough.

Pain and a deep feeling of a loss are all over you now. Go visit friends or special support-groups and try to share your feelings. When you would break a leg, would you come to me to ask for an answer? I hope you visit a doctor first! Look, what I prefer is that you will be able to get your life back on track again. Life itself will show you the way how to do this.

It’s true that such a heavy impact in your life can also give answers on the road ‘ who am I’ . I don’t deny that. It’s for sure a change to observe your emotions. After a while then these emotions will get hiatus. That is because you won’t keep them alive with thoughts. Emotions will end sooner or later. But that’s for a later moment. Don’t start to meditate when the house is on fire. First things first. Let Life lead you., Truth will always be there. As You are.


Take the Position of Consciousness itself!

I seem not to be able to give up my urges to become a better person as a criterion to Realise Me. You talk about doing nothing, just observing carefully. It sounds to easy to me. I do my daily routines, watch them. I live my life and watch it. Still I feels useless not to be actively doing something good in and Spiritual.


Well, it’s a good sign you closely yourself admit the pattern of your behaviour. And frankly, that is what I mean by close observing your daily life-actions. I remember in the time master Osho mentioned: ” you should do nothing “, a lot of his Sanyasins really dropped their work to do nothing then. Listen, He wasn’t saying give up your work or any other parts of your life. On the contrary, enjoy your partner, your kids, pets, hobbies’, toothpaste and even your favorite steak. In the tradition of Advaita Vedanta there is NO immediate need to change your life at all! Just observe it. Be the observer. I prefer that we concentrate ourself on the observer-part.


Of course, practice Yoga if it makes you feel better. Enjoy the postures to the fullest! Eat vegetarian if it makes you feel healthier. Go meditating: it surely will make you more at ease when you feel part of the modern rat race. In fact in this society we tend to fill up every minute of our life. Even when it comes to so-called Spiritual activities. Don’t you worry. It is part of this era. If you work asks for high attendance, that’s how it is then. If you have to rush a lot to get your things done. Then it has to be like that. Just live your life in the way it is presented to you. In good and in bad. Once again I will tell you: there is no alternative so-called better life needed. And I’m not a doctor that prescribes one for you.


Actually when you really start to observe like a watcher, and you notice all routines to pass by at the moment they are done, Life can become even more demanding than ever. In that time it will start to change. Slowly but certain You will know what Life is all about. For now it’s already enough for you to enjoy the fact that you sit here as a very interested listener. That already puts you in the right direction! Perhaps you have never realised it but, that you listen to these talks is already a Giant step on your road.




You wouldn’t be here in the first place. Most likely you will take part in a thousand other activities. Now there are only a handful of people really interested in the subject ” who am I ” if you compare it to the billions that live on this planet. So it is really a miracle you made it to me. Its like traveling from Holland to Spain by car. Its pretty sure you will drive through France, and most likely through Belgium even. And once in a few rides there you even find yourself back in Luxemburg. You stop there on your way at a local diner and suddenly fall in love with your ” soul-mate “. After a few years of Luxemburg you suddenly remember you trip to Spain and move on. Nevertheless, Luxemburg will stay to be an ineradicable part of your life. It has changed you forever.


So sitting here is enough?

It all unfolds itself in a way you can handle it. That is the beauty of it. As soon as life comes to know Yourself, it will start to get you back into the realisation of the One that You are. Just let it happen. It sounds confusing but, one has to play a Dictator, a Butcher, a Politician, a Cleric even, and even when its You finding yourself living your life in the way its meant to be.


Just always take the position of Consciousness itself. Watch yourself to happen. A bit like watching a full life on a movie-screen. You fully identify with the people in the movie but, in the same time you know it’s all observed by You. It’s then that you will establish the position of the observer. More and more.

At the Point of Choice, you already gave up Freedom

You told me that Life unfolds itself to me. And I shouldn’t interfere in this process. Still I experience that Life gives me Choices to make. Not only in a Spiritual sense, but also on the level of daily life. I’m sorry, but I can’t seem to live without making choices.


Let me be clear that at the moment you feel put up with a choice to make, there is really nothing to do anymore than make some decision. You can take a walk, meditate on it, study it, guess it, debate it, but in the end its true: Life asks you to make a Choice. It can be as trivial as what you should have for dinner, or as complex that if you should break up with your partner. Anyway, at that point you already have gone one big step too far.


Throw a stick in a streaming River and it will immediately goes with the flow. The wind, the depth of the River, sometimes the rain falling into the river and numerous other unexpected events will put its influence on the direction the stick follows. It will totally blend in into the water mass. Sometimes you even have to watch close to find the stick back in the water. More or less it has become part of the river. Even when the river splits up, the stick doesn’t hesitate and finds the way of the water stream. Now what happens when the river gets troubled by mud, stones that have built up little island like structures in the River? The stick seems to hesitate. It even stops temporarily its travel. Look at the water! It tries to lift up the stick because, all the pressure of the water will be put onto the stick. Suddenly the water flow and the stick seems to have different agenda’s.

Most of the time you follow the river, but now and then you act like the lost stick: you lose track and for that moment you lose the flow of ” your ” life. Actually you put yourself on hold on and wait where to go. By then the whole armada of Thoughts, Feelings and Identifications drag you into Court to fight over the direction to take. Like in courtrooms you seem to have given your destiny in the hands of something beyond reach. Well, coming in the Supermarket to choose for pasta or rice seems to be trivial, but now what when your guest seems to have a gluten-allergy and you have made wonderful pasta Carbonaro?


Still I consider it hard to stay in direct response the whole day long.


During the day we do numerous things , just out of immediate action, no prepared thinking involved. Now suddenly Life addresses us with a big choice to make. Anyway, you consider it at that time a big question. Then you know, you’ re already trapped into making choices.

Within the first split-second of the moment a Choice wants to be solved, something has happened. You created you: a separated idea of You, build up and at the same time lost in a mixture of emotions and thoughts. Perhaps the news was shocking to you, all of a sudden, you hadn’t seen it coming.: you had n’t seen it coming. What you say? You hadn’t seen it coming? Even then there is no You needed to see it coming. Its sounds odd, but I assure you: you will know what to do. You will know how to handle immediately. You are direct response Yourself!


Not to long ago I got two wonderful job-offers on the same day. I was totally overwhelmed by both chances. I really had not expected to get two great offers. I really had no sudden answer.


Thanks for this good example. You already had gone too far. You, as part of the flowing river knew where to go for, but your whole mindset took over. When there is no you, You will immediately know what to go for. I agree it takes time to live your life without having to make choices. Courage is needed. Each time you find yourself having to make up directions, before coming into action, go back to the moment the question was asked. Over time you will know that upon a sudden event there is immediate knowledge what to do. Always.

No worries. Even when you make a big ” mistake “, a bad choice, Life will show you the way back into the streaming river. Just don’t build up Idea upon Idea until you get messed up inside like a mudflow with nowhere to go. Life will definitely gets you back on track. Its your bunch of Idea’s that keeps you drowned in the river. And why should you let that happen?

You’re like a filled Balloon, looking for Air

Is there anything I could do to speed up my path to Enlightenment?


First of all, there is no path to Enlightenment. You are Enlightenment. There is nothing to reach and nothing to get. You cannot become what you already are. As soon as you are aware of your presence, so close after waking up, when the world is coming to its full senses, stay the watcher on the hill. Although, noticing the watcher is already building up a new mindset on its own.

Let us be clear. The appearance of the working body/mind is in community with the working senses . In fact no body without working senses. Where would it be? It’s already a play in itself. To understand more of it you have to realise that awareness itself is always expressed in the body/mind.

Its like filling balloons with air. You can’t see the air, but with the filled balloons you know that there is air inside of them. Now imagine yourself to be a balloon that is fully flying in the sky and shouts: I want to find the air!


Now watch every-step you make: waking up, taking a shower, having breakfast, all the numerous thoughts, feelings, impressions. At some point you will give it up. Existence already takes you up into its home with countless rooms and corridors between them.

Don’t be afraid. It’s impossible to watch all your movements. You can meditate, follow them, wave them good-bay or just let them be. At some point you will notice that the watcher will become aware of itself. Its more like an implosion. It’s not adding something and it’s not taking either. Suddenly both parts shake hands and commune. Don’t be afraid.



Stop the Fire before Meditating!

What to do if life seems so hard on you? Sometimes you get overwhelmed by feelings full of pain, anger and destruction. At these moments you seem to be unable to do anything. At some point life can strike hard without compassion. Your life has turned into a nightmare without any expectation to escape from it. Even sometimes it happens over and over till you come at a point of: what can I do when nothing seems to be possible anymore.

First of all stop finding a solution. There is not a real solution in the outside world. It’s the other way around: your outer world will change when you learn to know how to separate the outside trigger from the inside turmoil it causes. Stop by using your spiritual tools. No living in the moment. Sure, by putting up some candlelight, incense and indian sitar-music in the presence of your friends you can get yourself into a temporary state of at ease. But he listen, if you really are going for the ‘ Who am I ‘ there is no avoiding of Pain possible. In fact, life will test you till you will surrender. That is, to the point you can bear. Guarantee. Though Pain and Suffering and the complementary worrying are very vivid emotional states, as long as you are aware of their existence: you can bear them.

Second: don’t start to deny your Pain.

A child will feel the end of the world nearing when its favorite toy is lost. A Teenager could kill himself for giving up a first Romance. A Grown-up could be devastated when a child suddenly dies of an accident. At every age, at every level of life, at all levels of so-called spiritual growth, life will let you feel to the fullest. Please don’t start with ‘live more in the moment’, . Live your Pain and let your Tears flow. Be pure and let your tears come when they want to come. That is a direct response. And if it is too much to handle, find professional help. Don’t put a roof on your house if you haven’t built up your walls properly! First things first! So when you haven’t let the fire burn down your house while meditating upon the pain of the loss of your property, instead of giving practical aid. Then we can go and see into the world of feelings.

Lets start with a simple one. Ever tried to give up smoking at once after a longtime of heavy smoking? Your heart starts to knock on high-speed while you get restless as you have never done before. It completely drives you nuts. There is no cigarette nearby, shops are closed. How long are you able to handle this?

In other words, are you watching the body dying for a smoke? Do you observe all the strange habits of the addiction? And for how long are you prepared to observe and let go? I ask you this for a reason, because it is not easy to give up smoking by just watching the cunning mind.

It’s this cunning mind that in no time gives you reason to start smoking again. Want to know a few? The nicotine-tablets don’t work, too much stress on my work this week, my partner can stand my mood, next week I’m better prepared. In a nutshell I just easily give you how most of you will react. The government, partner, parents, the stars, my bad health, my teacher, the weather, you will blame them all for your bad circumstances. It makes the circle go round. You will start smoking again, feeling yourself guilty, preparing for the next time you will stop.

Life can be good for you, it will be. So it will knock on your door more often letting you feel the same over and over, harder and louder and you will resist to look at it.

So what can you do?

While writing this part, I know I directly guide you to the heart of the matter. Giving up smoking is a good example how feelings can be so real. At the other hand I realise life can be truly overwhelming when it comes to deep and strong emotions. And they all directly pinpoint to You. So This will need another view to build the story. Therefore I will give this part a follow-up soon enough. I will explain out of my own experience how to look into feelings without identifying with the messenger. For now I would say: don’t blame the messenger; welcome him with open arms!

Don’t Create Good Thoughts

I worry about the negative thoughts that I have.


Because I think that I only need to have positive thoughts to create a better life.

Rain doesn’t complain about its wetness. Fire has no trouble with its own heat. What I want you to make clear is that you are trapped into the deep vast caves of your thoughts.
In this occasion you divide thinking into a group of bad guys and a team of angels. Actually you take one big ball of thought and create two teams: the goodies and the baddies. In fact, there is even a third-party made out of the mass: its you, the referee.
It could be fun to create two teams of players and you as a willing watcher on the hill. But hey, your question shows me that you are not that happy at all.

First of all you don’t act like a good referee. The game is running and you want the bad team to lose. But listen carefully: a good referee takes no stand. So don’t start to tell me you want this game to end properly.

Of course I want it to end. I often feel very moody by my sorrows. When I try to hold on nice thoughts soon I get in the usual habit of worrying.

So leave the position of the referee out. Let them do their own game. I assure you the two of them will be fighting each other with great fun. Leave them and soon they will get tired and give up their game or you even won’t notice there is some match going on.


First you have to realise that this whole system of thought is part of the body/mind-structure, and the body, including the senses creates its own vivid all-day waking state.
Now what you want is that this system of being alive in the form only shows itself as a never-ending happy story.

Well, let me tell you: this is never ever going to happen, because the waking-state is a state of duality: good and bad, black and white, dark and light. It needs the opposite to be alive. In fact the two parts make the one part. You think they fight. In effect they constantly seek for balance.

Better, the whole game is just there because you love to be part of it. Its your own creation, the so-called referee that troubles the game. Don’t find yourself to be a solution to duality. There is no solution to be found by you.
Let them, leave them, don’t interfere. First then you can make a steep step, a sense of awareness of you as your boundless self. You are the stadium itself, the white screen where it is all happening, endlessly and never-ending.