There is really no track to follow. Just Live!

Is there anything special I have to do, to follow my spiritual path?


I don’t get that. Do you mean that on a deeper level?

There is only one level. It’s just your idea that there are several levels of existence.

So this means I don’t have to do anything?

Sorry, I am teasing you. In one way seekers always think they have to do this more, leave that out. At this very moment we are meeting each other; there is really only one existence to be and that is the very fact we agreed here to meet each other. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Don’t you think so yourself?

Well, when I am listening to you, I feel very much concentrated on the question ‘who am I’. There seems nothing else left. Even the fact I have a busy schedule at home seems to fade away. I ask questions, listen, share. It lets me forget the hustle of daily life.

Ah, now I got you. You think now we have our meetings on the subject ‘who am I ‘and after that you get back on track to live your daily life. Let me say this: there is only one track going on in your life. And this is always the same track, no matter what. In fact, it’s just you who build the idea of tracks to be found.

For instance. Its Spring now and soon the animals of the field will try to find partners for reproducing the species. That’s the natural way of life. As human watchers we say: he it’s happening, nature is awakening and finds a way to blossom. We humans on the contrary think that we can make choices what to do with our urge to reproduce. We don’t have to get children on a 9 months base to fulfill our needs. We can take pre-caution, withhold ourself in celibacy or make a time-table when and with who we would like to have a child. We think we have a choice to do so. It looks like if we can live our life according our wish-list and timetables.

It’s just that whole idea of having choices that gives us trouble. It’s really just an idea that we have choices. In fact it’s the body/mind structure living its own life. And even then we argue that we decide what to do with our bodily impulses. And to make it more confusing we even think we can have a separate educated spiritual outlook that let us look into our more mature levels with a so-called profane outlook. Well, how complicated you can be.

So we should not plan or define our lives?

Actually we are getting back to the fact you are conscious itself, and now expressing itself in the body/mind-structure. That we call life and we give it a reason to our liking. I don’t say it would be fair to drop all responsibilities to the body. The body needs proper food, affection, and even urges us to reproduce at times. Try not to sleep, I guarantee you, it will go to sleep. Try not to eat, I can tell you it will find ways to reach food. Of course in extreme situations like war or natural disasters people die of a lack of water and food, but even in bad times people get children and nurture them. Of course, do your job, eat, sleep and love and then a good time-table comes into very handy.

The body/mind is very clever to find ways to survive 24/7, it will trick you into situations that it wants to be. It runs its own time-table; it gets sick and tries to heal itself, it dies sometimes to young for our liking. But all these are matters of the body/mind structure. Even, yes even it will open its possibilities to find, lets call it for once, spiritual existence. So be carefull, it’s a bit like using anti-smoke tablets while giving up smoking. Then you start smoking again and blame the tablets. It’s just the body letting you know through the mind that it really wants to have the nicotine. And now listen! Even when you know it tricks you into smoking again and a part of you refuses, it’s the body/mind itself again that lets you know to get rid of the tobacco!

What now?

But to know yourself in the question ‘who am I, ‘ let the reasoning out of it. Don’t plan too much, don’t think you have to do this more or leave that out. We all have read the stories of great teachers: they sat under a tree, stared at a wall, fell out of a tree, even got hanged onto a cross, all following their paths to enlightenment. You can go to the Philippines to get yourself hanged during eastern, but unless if you really think that’s the way it suits you, I wouldn’t recommend it. It will come on your own terms and possibilities. And you will know.

With all you do, you’re so-called daily life, so mundane as it can be, just let it be. It will find its own way, the way its meant to be. You just have to see it all happen, even when Life seems to be bumpy and rough at times. Especially then. Live it, experience it . I can guarantee you by observing your daily life without being the referee, it will show you Truth, placed into a constant feeling of pure Joy. I will get more into this next time. It would be important to understand this to the fullest.

Next question!


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