I was around 10 years of age that my schoolteacher told me that in England people use the word ‘ tree ‘ to mention that usually partly green peace of nature that we in the Netherlands call ‘ boom ‘. I was pretty confused because with the new learned english word ‘ tree ‘ I noticed that the object was still the same as it was before. From that time I started to question everything that was around me, sound and solid embedded in my safe environment.

I was around 13 when I asked my minister if the people in Thailand were pagans, because they were active Buddhists. How could it be that we in the west had a moratorium on the proper Faith? He had no answer.I went and knew I had to go and find Truth somewhere else.

I started to study the Tarot, and found myself deeper in Mysticism when at 27 I went to a Satsang into Advaita Vedanta with my teacher for years, Alexander Smit, a pupil of Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj. The day after my first meeting with him everything was at peace and I knew that was my place to be. During the years I learned a lot from him and my life became one big search ‘ who am I ‘.

It took a few years after Alexander’s death in 1998 that I started to have private meetings with Ben Visser, a pupil of Wolter Keers, who used to be another teacher of Advaita Vedanta. During those seven years I got confronted with deep feelings of desolation and fears to lose everything I had built up in security over the years. I sometimes laid down on my bed and asked death to come. All these years I knew I had to watch all my bouncing moments of death and uncertainty in a way I just had to experience the overwhelming feelings as if they were just happening without me being involved.

After the passing away of Ben I knew I had to go for my exam and when I had come to the point I really had to give up my existence : nothing happened. It was quiet, fears had abandoned me and I only could sing of joy.

Since then I talk in the tradition of Advaita Vedanta, the path of nonduality. Friends listen and encourage me to share this with you all.

Feel free to ask me your questions on ‘ Who Am I ‘ I would love them to answer them on my blog for you.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Met belangstelling las ik jouw blogsite en las dat je toen contact hebt gehad met Ben Visser, weet je ook nog in welke periode Ben leerling was van Wolter?
    Vriendelijke groet

    • Hallo Menno,
      Ik heb Ben pas leren kennen begin 2003. Wolter Keers is denk ik al in de jaren ’70 of ’80 overleden. Ben Visser is alweer zo’n 2 jaar geleden heengegaan. Ik kan je vraag dus helaas niet beantwoorden! Ik ben blij dat je plezier heb met mijn blog. Graag gedaan!

      Ronald Verweij

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