Is this your final step? Wake-up first!

“One final step. Not a small one, a big one. A huge step I have to make, but then I have reached the state of self-realisation.” This is what I often hear from seekers looking for Truth. But is this the way how you will get what you want? Just making one final effort like fixing the one light in the Christmas tree to let all the other lights shine at the same time? This is what I explained to you last week. Now I will show you that in reality there are no steps to be taken. You are the problem till YOU have realised that.


It is rush-hour and you are busy hurrying to get home in time for dinner. You are driving by car and all around you it is packed with cars. Everyone is eager to reach their destinations as soon as possible. Now if you would observe yourself in direct view by satellite,, like on Google Earth, you would see thousands of cars driving around each other like ants doing their massive work. There is a constant activity of cars on the move. Picture it.

Now you get caught in a severe traffic-jam. Your lane of cars is coming to a standstill. There you are, waiting on spot x, not even moving a single inch. Well, at that very moment: are you still considering yourself part of the ongoing traffic-event, or are you out? Now when you look from above there is still an immense moving of the ants, but you and some others, the 1% of the travelers during rush-hour seem to have stopped. So, are you in or out of the game?

Evening Rush Hour

Evening Rush Hour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You are THE cause of everything

Sure, now you see yourself as part of the rush-hour event. In fact you are one of the ‘victims’ even. You even might be part of the cause of the traffic-jam, an accident. So in a spiritual sense: is it you waiting for the tow-car entering the playfield to fix the situation, an activity that will let you rejoin the riding party? Or were you already part of the situation and was your car, coming to a standstill, still part of the flow of traffic itself? Even when your car didn’t move? When you look carefully, using your satellite – view, you would find your non-driving car to be a major part of the rush-hour itself. Perhaps now you would notice, you even are the cause of the traffic-jam itself!

In the middle of a traffic-jam

This is actually how you should act on your trip for self-realisation. As soon as you come to a point that you realise you are “on your way” to find answers(s) on ‘Who am I’ you already have come far beyond a point of no return. In the middle of a traffic jam, you wait and act accordingly: there is nothing else to do. Just realise this: the fact that you have positioned yourself in a car that is stranded in a traffic-jam, doesn’t mean you are not already part of the process to find answers. That last part you are looking for to connect the dots, that last part of action that lets you come home from your trip, is just there because your Idea made it to appear. In fact YOU make the traffic come to a standstill by your Idea of the one missing %, so that you can think you are no longer part of the traffic, while in reality you just have to realise you already have connected the dots. Way long before even there were rush-hours and christmas-lights.


Do you really want to Live forever?

Do you really want to live forever? And this preferably in a long series of happy moments? Is this really where you are looking for: a life without complications, pain and sorrow? A life where every move turns into a blossoming flower? And you as a radiant beacon of joy in the middle of it? How nice this would be? Despite my talks, that challenges are an important way-point of a spiritual healthy life, I have noticed resentment against this not to ignored part of a so-called ‘spiritual’ life. Some of you feel uncomfortable by the idea, that each cloudy moment in life is a huge invitation to get ‘to know yourself ‘. Am I therefore favorably talking about the fruits of a miserable life or even the benefits of death?? Well, not al all! But in the same moment in where you accept death , you will embrace Life. And that is pure joy! And in case you already have forgotten it: YOU ALREADY LIVE FOREVER!


Q: When I concentrate on THE Hearth, I feel joy, not sorrow. I start to dance, I feel alive and I want to share my happiness with the whole world. Then there is no space for sorrow and pain, then there is just happiness. And because we have to live THE Heart I notice less suffering in my life. So when you start to talk that I am even responsable for all the misery in the world, I am sorry but, this is one step to far to understand. I can’t be blamed for it.



A: When you see the misery in the world, hear it, taste it, you take notice of it and it becomes totally YOUR ‘s. At that very moment you invite the world into your life as in a game with a ball, your feet and a field to play on. Problem is, long before that you already had planned to enter the play-ground. You already had invited yourself as a separate human being into a game called Life! ‘Your’ life, as a result of your bodily experience on one side and, the word, like the body created by your senses, on the other side of the playfield. Two sides, one huge mistake, one immense identification: give it up. Now!


Q: So when I see misery on my tv or on the internet I just turn the tv of?


A: Well for sure you could do that but, then you will have to try to forget what you saw. Luckily this is what you already do very often even unnoticed, because you are quite selective in your portion of unhappiness. So please, keep on living THE Heart, enjoy and have fun. By the way I am pretty sure you mean: you live according your Heart, not THE Heart.


Q: Explain?


A: Why? How can YOU live THE Heart? I better want you to explain it to me?


Q: It is a matter of speaking. I know that we are THE Heart, undivided. I mean when I point my attention to my Heart, I feel joy.


A: YOU say, I quote: when I point to MY Heart I feel joy. This is exactly why I know that there is still something to realise for you. When there is still a sense of I , in a body, with a Heart, feeling joy, there is still THE perception of separation. There is still you living in your world. There is YOU and a WORLD: two parts. Do understand me well: I love to see you happy, and I know you are seriously loving your life. And of course you are not to be blamed for the misery of the world. Not even for the hard parts of your own life. That were you are to be blamed for is that you still live in this misery!


Q: I have no words.


English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

English: Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A: When you dance of joy you will get tired and eventually you will end up stumbling and hurting yourself. It is still part of the Life experience. Even on the battlefield flowers will grow. That is how Life works. It is you who made it to appear: you the player and the game on a field. Accept that in this perception, next to the moments of joy, you will get hurt anyway. Your identification is that you always try to avoid being hurt instead of experiencing the game. You think you have moments of joy but to be honest THEY ARE JUST THIN BRAKES BETWEEN TWO MOMENTS OF MISERY. It is like that, because you don’t invite Life, but you try to avoid pain. And now every time when you get hurt, you are generously invited to experience death, just to become alive! Now you know all this I invite you to live your life by accepting death. Accept death and you will live a life of joy, unnoticed as joy. Then you are THAT. Take your time to understand this.




You are always responsible. No matter what!

In my last articles I talked about how you should deal with ‘sorrow and pain ‘. Both an invitation to, andeven essential parts of the road that will show you ”your’  true nature. Difficult situations in Life ‘happen’ to all of us. And each time it is a challenge  as in a great possibility to realize ‘who WE are.’ When I talk about Love, the Heart, Blessing and Bliss, I get nice comments, likes and other remarks. The other way around, talking about pain, suffering and even Death, it suddenly keeps quiet. Too bad because it is really of the utmost importance to understand that the impact of unwanted confrontations with Life are the gateway to Heaven itself. Let me share this following conversation with you all.

Q: I feel pretty much uncomfortable with your latest stories. Of course I know that Life confronts me with pain and even suffering, it is part of it. It is just that I want to concentrate on the wonderful things Life has to offer. I don’t want to Identify with sorrow and the inevitable bumpy events that pass by.

A: Without Death there would be no Life. Death has compassion with you. Every time when Life hits you, something Dies, and there is a natural act of surviving this sudden Death. You then try to overcome your problems by Living them or, you avoid them in one way or another. Avoiding even means you often don’t realize that you have put yourself into a difficult, painful place. You even don’t know you did this yourself in the first place. You get sick, not on purpose, you lose a beloved one in the cause of an accident, you lose your job, your house all because of the economy.

In all these cases it is still YOU and THE WORLD as in two connected but separate parts of existence. This Idea of Reality took you far, far away from Home.

Estes Park in Rocky Mountains, Colorado.

Estes Park in Rocky Mountains, Colorado. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Q: So we are even responsible for what can strike us in Life unexpectedly. Like a hurricane for instance?

A: YOU are always responsible, no matter what!

Q: That isn’t fair to me. When a hurricane wipes out my house, or even takes one of my loved ones away, I really have nothing to do with it.

A: Where would the hurricane be without you?

Q: What you mean?

A: Where would the hurricane be without you? Well come on, get deeper into this conversation. You don’t want to blame yourself for the turmoil the hurricane brings into your life and I say, well where would the hurricane be without you?

Q: It would still be there, but I would witness it from a distance, like on television.

A: This means you are still there. When I watch the news on TV about the latest hurricane-disasters in Oklahoma I am still part of the event itself. As a witness, clear. I even haven’t been In Oklahoma in my life, I don’t know anyone there, but I am still watching the news. So this makes me part of the event. In third hand, but it still shows up in my’ Life. This appearance makes me responsible, no matter what. It is me who let it happen.

Q: I am going on a hike in the Rocky Mountains this summer. During that few weeks I don’t watch the news, no radio, and my telephone is just for emergencies and to check the weather. Lets say, a tsunami would strike Indonesia during that time, and I don’t know of it. Would I still be responsible for the disaster?

A: You are not responsible for the things that never show up in your life. What isn’t there, doesn’t exist. Try to understand this thoroughly!

Q: Then I come home, and I read the news about the tsunami?

A: Inviting this news into your Life is already identifying with it. Is this wrong? Of course not. You let it show up. You could go and live in a monastery in Nepal, no television, internet even no telephone around. And even then, or even in those Rocky mountains, everything that rises up as ‘your world ‘ is your responsibility. It is neither the government or God that is responsible for what YOU invite YOURSELF into Life. YOU are THAT and THAT is YOU. You are the one that let it be there. Always!

Tropical Cyclone Bingiza

Tropical Cyclone Bingiza (Photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video)

Q: Now that I know that I am responsible for everything that shows up in my Life, even the tsunami or hurricane I watch on the news, how would this get me closer to my true nature?

A: Everything, every moment is an invitation to celebrate Life. This Knowing: this ALL is ME. This ME is ALL there is, this is where YOU come into action. At first there is a World with a hurricane and you watch the news, then there just will be a hurricane and then it will just be YOU. At that point YOU will KNOW.

One day you realise: I am in Love

Being is all about Loving. Don’t bother yourself too much with Thoughts about how to realise yourself. In the end you will just Love and Live anyway

Q: When I look around, just watch, just observe, I realise I am here and now. This is it. Still there is another part of me that is watching the I that knows. It looks like I have divided myself into two pieces.

Love tree

Love tree (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

A: Put two mirrors in front of each other. Take a spot in between, and you will see reflections of yourself till the end of days. There comes no end to it. So you can create as many I’s as you want. And in fact you do. In the end it is just more Idea’s piled up onto the rumble of Idea’s any how.

Q: So what is giving me the perspective of a greater observer that is observing my awareness?

A: The fact that there is still a you around building perspectives on Idea’s about he essence of you!

Q: Still I can’t get rid of this me making all the idea’s

A: And this is the Heart of the Illusion: the Idea of a separated you, living in a body, observing the world around yourself as all separate objects.

This manifestation of the body is brilliant when it comes to the quest of ‘who am I’ . It gives a sense of space and time continuum. It is your self-created playground. And now a drop, part of the ocean is trying to get rid of itself to become the ocean once again. The body is perhaps the biggest Idea brought into full manifestation.

And now with that body, you, in fact an Idea itself, start to make Idea’s to declare itself bankrupt to be become what it already was and is: the source of all Idea’s brought into manifestation.

Difficult to understand? Don’t make Idea’s. Just invite this statement with gentle care.

Q: When you die the body disappears

Observation Rock and Echo Rock

Observation Rock and Echo Rock (Photo credit: brewbooks)

A: But will the one observing the observer, disappear with the death of the body?

Q: I don’t know. Somehow I am convinced I still will be around with or without form.

A: See what you do! Still you try to survive after the death of the body. There must remain something?

Can’t you see that the whole idea of for instance a Soul that survives death, after wich it then get prepared for the next manifestation, is giving you comfort? You are not even willing to give up yourself in this live! YOU as consciousness itself will be around eternal, but the Linda* that you are now, will not be there as it is already just here as Idea projected into form! Understand this part very well!

Q: So this Awareness. Will it always be there?

Love Love Love

Love Love Love (Photo credit: Gregory Jordan)

A: Awareness itself will always be there. It is one and the same as consciousness itself. Consciousness is also one and the same as the Manifest itself. Awareness, Consciousness, Manifest, these are all one and the same, undivided. Consciousness takes the shape of milions of forms, endless. Even as a so-called you, occupying a body, seeking for itself. And this seeking you. Well, that is in fact all there is. Existence is very kind to you. Just take it in slowly, with care.

Q: It is hard to get

A: It is also hard to explain. For all don’t try to give up your ego, because there is no such thing. Don’t try to get rid of Thought, because the body is created as Thought into Form. Just let it be, just let it happen.

I know you feel urged to get answers. I have been there myself. It is like explaining to be in love to a young child that never has been in love before. One day you realise you are in Love, than you will know immediately. Let it happen.

Time, a Secret Revealed! Part 1.

Or how the Idea of Time and Space is keeping you away from Self – Realisation.

It is a short while ago I have been able to write something, but now I can assure you: this piece will be able to boost your ‘ knowledge ‘ on Self-realisation. Time and Space, both interconnected. A couple that is part of each other forever and ever. Let me introduce you to the timeless state.

Q: I have to live more in the moment, in the now. Or I need to be more focussed and enjoy the immediate. I practice this as much as I can. I become more and more centered and less and less abstracted from thoughts.

A: Wonderful! So what is the question then?

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 16:Actor Bill Murray  att...

Actor Bill Murray (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Q: It still feels like an effort I have to make to be in my center. Sooner or later….

A: Stop. It is ok. I see that you are honest and sincere towards your goal, but I have to question your so-called now. I know, there is an overflow of information to be found on the internet: how to live in the ‘Now’, blah..blah.. Actually it leads to nothing.

Please stand up and look in front of you


A: The future we often picture ourselves in front of us. Now you look behind; that is the spot we give to our past. In our mind we make a horizontal line: the past is behind you and the future in front of you. What you tend to do is placing yourself in the middle. By focussing on ‘ the Now ‘ you create a new spot in the timeline. You place yourself temporarily on a platform, a Safe Haven, waiting for the future to come. This is all made by Idea’s. It is your own creation.

Q: Can you go deeper into this?

A: I even have to! By focussing on this Now, this very moment, you are still part of the illusion of Time: past, present and future. And this goes on and on. Don’t get me wong: there are lots of moments in your life that being focussed on the things you do: work, study, sports, is very important and comes in handy, but I am talking about ‘ Who Am I ‘ , and then living the moment, you have to realise you are still taking part in the Idea of Time and Space.

Groundhog Day

Cover of "Groundhog Day (15th Anniversary...

Cover via Amazon

I give you something to do. Go, rent and watch the movie ‘ Groundhog Day ‘. It is an old movie with Bill Murray and Andy McDowell. They both end up in a little town as reporters to cover the Groundhogday, a local festival. They check into a hotel and soon enough Bill notices he starts each day in exactly the same conditions over and over again, starting the same time when his alarm clock wakes him at 6 in the morning. The day won’t go past the 24 hours. Every day, the same people, the same traffic, everything remains the repeating same. Just he himself can change his own direct pattern for just 24 hours. He starts to play with it and lives the day perhaps a thousand times. In the end he realises he has to learn to open his heart more and more to Andy Mc Dowell and then he finally can enter the next day.

I have seen this picture at least 4 or 5 times. As a story it is simple, but I highly recommend watching it as a part of your spiritual trip. Look to this movie in the way I will teach you about in this lecture. In fact all your so-called lives you start to live at the same day at 6 in the morning. You just can play a bit with the manifest, but you are living your timeless time exactly the way Bill Murray is enjoying his same old same song every day, again and again.

Living a life from zero to perhaps 85 is like putting the same old-fashioned record on to listen. Near the end there is a crack and it doesn’t go further. You put it off and forget it. Then you put the record on again, a new, another manifestation maybe, and the same thing repeats, over and over again. And it always repeats itself at the same place, on the same day, the same hour. Un-detatched.

PART 2 I will publish this Thursday, the 15th of november

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What is thinking? This is it.


One single, simple Question: what is thinking? This is it. This is where it is all about. Later or better, sooner you will stumble on the process of thinking. Whether you want to get rid of it, or to make this tool perfect to work , it will accompany you at every step in your life. Its is the core business on your path to self-realisation. It keeps you running like a restless tramp. It is like chasing your shadow every second of your journey.


Thought is Idea. Idea is Thought. You are Idea. Idea is You. This means when we want to understand definitely who we fundamentally are, we will always need to realise this body-mind structure is part of the circle. It is like air. Fill up a balloon with air and suddenly you give shape to air. Or better, air gives shape to the balloon. No air; no filled balloon.


Q: I experience my thinking like a roadblock on my path to self-realisation. How can I get more control over it?


A: Do you want to get rid of it, or do you want to make it perfect?


Le Penseur, Musée Rodin, Paris

Le Penseur, Musée Rodin, Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Q: I want to perfect it, including more control. For my work I have to think a lot. Now I just want to stop the endless stream of thoughts when I am not using my Thinking. Meditation helps me somehow, but after a while I notice it is back on an endless track.


A: You make (non-active) Thinking into an enemy, that need to be controlled. You want to keep it silent and clean in your head. In your brains you have billions and billions of connections leading up to thoughts, or better called Identifications. Although scientists made up pretty impressive investigations on our brain, it never made them stop endless thinking. I agree that meditation can give you a lot of comfort, but it is not the way to handle non-active thinking.



Q: Is there anything I can do?


A: Sit down and relax: observe your body and its functions, its senses, the objects around you, the stream of thoughts, feelings, everything you notice. Last but not least you observe the observer. Include everything. Now overlook your Kingdom.


Realise yourself now, this all belongs to the world of Thinking. Everything is all ‘Thought’.


Perhaps now it becomes clear to you that sometimes you jump on a ‘flow’ of thoughts, but not all the time. It is up to you. Try it. Jump on a thought, perhaps it is something minor: the Smalltalk you had with a friend before you came to meet me, or there is currently a problem in your life that asks for your attention. You might start to worry, you mix emotions and thoughts. They are one of a kind and connected. In fact they are one and the same. Go into this mix of emotions and thoughts. Fill up your train. And now let it rail away.


In the middle of the stream of thoughts you will notice silence. Well, it looks like silence. Of course you love that moment of peace. Specially when life demands a lot of you. You relax. To be honest if you look carefully, even in the deepest moments of your meditation, there is still a tiny stream left. It is far away in a distance, but still it is there. In fact it is not there. You think it is there. So now it is there again. Understand this!



Q: So this means I can’t bring thinking under control?




You ask water to give up its wetness. You ask air to stop its flow. Thought is air. Fill up a balloon and air gets form. Better, air gives the balloon its full shape. Pierce the balloon and gone is your form and air. So the only way you understand the origin of thought is to realise that everything you are aware of, body, feelings, thoughts itself, objects is form made of air. Thought is air. Air has no form of its own. It can only show form when it is Identified into objects. Read this sentence over and over and try to understand it.


Visualise everything around you in this room, including your thoughts and feelings. Do it again when you are home again. Where is this current room left? It has gone. It is not there.


Q: I could come back to your place?


The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris

The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A: You can, but then where is your home left? Don’t start to mix this relative reality with the deeper meaning of thought. Perhaps it is hard to understand this part of my answer, but you build your life every second. Even faster. You even made a reality-pattern. You call it the awakening-state.


Q: So this means I can’t leave this circle? When my body dies I might leave it?


A; The body will die one day, yes. With the body its brain, its senses. The body will be given up like a pierced balloon. But hey, where the air will be left? In fact you have filled a balloon. One big balloon and inside this balloon you ask the balloon to stop ballooning!


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The conductor and the orchestra become One

It is your deeper hunger for Knowledge that urges you to self-experience. But first once you have become aware of ”the path to Insight’ , Life will unfold itself dramatically for you. It will start to tell you its secrets. It will let you be, it will let you see. For instance at first when you suddenly need a new house you would start worrying about finding one. This emotion is your own self-created set of Idea’s. Once you ‘know’ houses will go and come like the rain comes and goes. You won’t control your life anymore. You give it up. You will be out of control. Your world will immediately fill in what is needed. You will realise then: the world, everything that is available in YOU is part of the self-created existence.

During the course of actions Life will give you time to reflect. The world will bow to you. Slowly, but radically your life appears to change like a new theater decoration-set. Often life takes away old and rusty parts. A relationship that suddenly doesn’t suit you anymore, a job that gives you no longer the inspiration. The difference with a real crisis is that you know it has to be like that. It lets you smile. Even on moments that would have led you into depression without notice.

This is because you realise you are part of the changing decoration. You are about to give up yourself. You become part of the whole. Then when the new parts of your existence slowly but certainly arrive, you become more and more part of the path you follow.

The conductor and the orchestra become one

The muddy track in the wilderness becomes plastered with beautiful marble. You start to say YES. You know this is more YOU. I don’t mean the ‘you’ with all your small wishes and desires. I really mean YOU, the center of the universe. Sometimes it still can be strange to find yourself involved in daily affairs that you could never have dreamed of before. They will easily fill in the blanks.

You will get attracted to all sort of new activities. Often you wonder your hands are picking up a new skill, and you love it. You travel to new countries, meet new people, hear of inspirational insights on all matters. Most of all resistance is fading away besides all other rusty parts.

Resistance is no longer part of your life. Not that you don’t have your preferences. You still have them. They even become more You. They have found strong roots. It is that you no longer speak out of old opinions on ‘what you were told’ to think. In this ever lasting existence you will become the conductor and the orchestra at the same time. You lead on and you will be showed. Then you realise, YOU are the creator of the universe.