How Life becomes Love: my story , part 1

The World around often seems so hard, so cruel. While at the same time we feel so gentle, so humble, ready to share our love with everything that visits our Life. I agree that sickness, poverty, unemployment, bankruptcy, divorces and death are not the life-experiences we prefer but, at the same time, we all get our fine share of crisis while being on planet earth. What can we do about it? Or better, do we need to do something about it? It is a question I often get. A quest of Life I remember myself so well. I have been there. All the way. Nearly all of us invite confrontation in life, and then we ask ourselves this question: why is this world not more to my liking, not more how I would have wished it for? Why can it be so harsh at moments?

The good part is: there is an explanation to everything. Let us start where we all start to live our problems. Yes, we all because we all learn to act in this world like being a person in a body, called whatever is our name. When we are at the age of 2 or 3, in the short period when we have learned the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’, we also know our name, speaking it out loudly while pointing at our chest. From here we find our-self as a separated person in the form of a body as part of the world in which we live. Basically this is the identification where most of us will stay till death ends this manifestation. In fact our name, and this yes or no, are the result of identification. An identification that will come up as the setup for our defenses to survive in an outside world that, acts unexpected and not always in our favor.

Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart (Photo credit: Sony200boy)

We go to school, learn skills, get jobs, a career, a partner, children, a house, health-insurance and a pension-plan: from children-playground to huge castles with sometimes even an empire. The bigger our castle, the better defense we have, the more power we think we need to withstand Life. It sounds harsh but, mainly this is what we do. This is our life: we just want to survive in a world that can and will bring us unexpected disasters.

We might be lucky and build up a castle with the best defenses of the world. Somehow there never even shows up an enemy near the gates. Life begins and ends like a field of flowers. It happens. We all know one or two like that. Unfortunately its just for the happy few of us because, usually our invaders are stronger and more cunning than we are. They exactly know how to take down our defenses. They exactly know how to press the button to open the gate. Just one single event in a split of a second and our defenses will go down. We usually immediately start to repair our walls and canons. Now even stronger with more escape-routes. We take other jobs, other partners and everything that we need to feel ourselves more comfortable with. We even sometimes invite a more spiritual path to understand the meaning of Life. Again unfortunately we just start to check that same invading world that, a moment ago has taken down our walls. While first we now should ask ourselves the question: why did we build that castle in the first place? The realisation that our bodily appearance, as an object in the middle of a world of other objects, is already our biggest defensive castle. It is still one giant step too far at that moment. And here we rebuild again and, again.

Green life

No, first we try to become friends with the world. We invite the world in our life. From problems we learn, we call them challenges and so we start to refurbish our houses with furniture from which we secretly hope it will last a life-time. We give them names like feelings, heart, blessing and connection. All pondered with affection. From now on we share our power with the world. Our new defenses we call love and acceptance. We have given up the power trip by not fighting every unwanted phenomena that enters our life. We have found a new way to deal with life-events, to embrace them. Good? Yes but, just for some.

Sometimes we get struck by lightning and there seems no escape. Nowhere to go and nowhere to come. No escape? Is there really nothing at that very moment of loss. No there is not. Better, this having no escape, no tools left to rebuild our castle, is our  freedom! Our loss can become the beginning of a new adventure. THE best adventure of our live is ready to embark now.

PART 2 in a few weeks.


Time, a Secret Revealed! Part 2

This is the second part of a series about Time and Self-realisation. The first part I published sunday the 11th of november. It is the core of my, no our business, and not easy to grab. Take your time. In the upcoming weeks I will write more on the subject. Please feel free to ask me questions. Don’t hesitate. I welcome them. This subject is THE most important subject of your life. I can tell you, and there aren’t much possibilities nowadays to get deeper into this. When you want to talk/write to me privately, let me know. I will get into contact with you in return. Welcome!


Q: So when I live a thousand Life’s, they all start and end at the same time?

The Passage of Time

The Passage of Time (Photo credit: ToniVC)

A: Hmm, yes, but then it sounds like a time/space movement. In the future you die and you get reborn. That is not where I want to go to. There is no you to die, not a person. Everything happens always in the same moment so to speak.

At the moment of Death the crack that created you will still keep its place. It repeats itself over and over: a hundred times, a thousand, a million, more? A never-ending wheel.

Q: That sounds horrible

A: This is because you live according a time/space-concept. A horizontal line from birth to death in time. And this over and over. Actually this is not the case at all. So be happy, no millions of years for you, he. All your so-called life’s you live at the same time: it’s just the same record played in a new setting, not another time!

Do you understand this!!

Q: This is not easy to get. How does this happen: all at the same time?

A: This whole body/mind experience is created by living THE IDEA, and THE IDEA alone. Idea is thought and creates the space/time illusion that is the Godfather of this manifestation!

Q: Ah so we are trapped in this Idea of time!

A: Exactly! Well, not trapped forever. Talking about time: during your Lifetime there are moments you get the change to jump over the crack in the record. When you really go for self-realisation you will encounter the mess you have created in your life. You will have to give up a lot. And that is not easy. It hurts. In the end it will give itself up. Believe-systems fade away, and therefore often your job, partner, security-system. It all seems to be not working anymore. You will start to be alone, but not lonely. Than you know that you have reached the crack on the record. Instead of dying, Life will give you the invitation to give up on it. Then you jump. Possibly you even will give up your body, but you will take the risk, wich is no longer a real risk at that moment. It is like believing in Santa, but when you have given up on that Idea, he won’t scare you anymore. The same goes for the manifestation of the body and all that is shown into YOU.

Q: Is this why I often feel as if I am living another life? In another era?


ideas (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

A: When I say yes you will make it a part of your Idea’s. But yes, in a way this is true. You are repeating the same moment over and over, starting at the same point.

You think you keep the knowledge of the moment before and mix it into the moment. Although you can’t remember a thing after being born or waking up after a dreamless state, the Idea that let you being born gives you the illusion of building up knowledge or karma in the first place. Luckily at the same time this concept can be realised as Idea every second of your life. Realising this will let you live for the first time in a thousand life’s so to speak. Till that very moment you are unwillingly repeating the same moment, over and over again. Hehe..

It is hard to get, and I will let you know more about it in the next period.

That what you call ‘ Now” has nothing to do with a ‘ moment on hold ‘ . The real YOU is that what lets the ‘Now’ appear. It makes Now available. It makes Idea available, and therefore Time and Space as part of the Body/Mind structure. When you realise this, you will immediately know you placed the crack there yourself in the first place.

Q: This is much. What now?

A: Jump!

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Awareness, Intuition. You are not around.


Intuition (TNT album)


In answer to reactions on my post on ‘Intuition’ I feel urged to explain that indeed there is a difference between an impulse we can follow or not, and real Intuition that let no other options.


In the first situation we often say: ah, I should have followed ‘ my ‘ first hunch, but I didn’t. Now the outcome is not so good ‘.Real Intuition is when the sudden impulse or awareness turns into immediate action. Awareness and action happen in the very same moment. There is no experiencer around to question the impulse. No you is no thoughts, no choices.


Impulse by memory


Lets say you go on a holiday. The car is packed and you and your family hit the road. After about half an hour you suddenly feel shocked: you forgot to put out the fire under the kettle. You were boiling water for coffee. Now you are worried you still left the gas of the cooker on. You feel a strong urge to go back to check the cooker on your sudden hunch.


You start to share your concerns with your partner. She tries to make you feel at ease with the fact that she did a last check up before you all left the house. But hey, wasn’t it you who was the last one working with the cooker? Your partner tries to take away your concerns. The whole trip you are doubting your view. Still the alarming Hunch is there. When you have reached your destination you call your neighbour to check the cooker. And yes, the fire was still on. Then you blame yourself for not having returned home. What if?


THIS is NOT INTUITION. It’s an impulse, a good one, but not Intuition. Why not? There is still a you around to doubt your strong hunch. The impulse was just coming from a more unconscious part of your brain. Somehow you knew you had not turned of the fire. And you didn’t act because you had more possibilities. There was still a ‘you’, between impulse and reaction and that gave you options, too many.


Intuition is Direct Response


INTUITION or Direct Response is the immediate impulse in action. Can you imagine what have happened when this would have happened in relation to the Fire on the cooker? You would have returned immediately. Your wife would be flabbergasted, perhaps shocked by the action.


The more you give up (on you), this phenomena will occur. Its amazing where it can take you. Don’t be afraid and let yourself go. It’s all about giving up control. Its like giving birth and place to a new Life. Point is you can’t ‘ do ‘. It happens when the time is right!




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What is Intuition ?


‘Use your first impulse’, be receptive. It’s some advice you get when you want to know what Intuition is. Now you are still full of different thoughts, but when you start to meditate, you become at ease. Then you will get struck by lightning now and then and you will get answers to all of your questions. It sounds promising. So why not? There is just one big problem to it. When everything becomes clear and receptive, you won’t be available to accept the newborn skill we like to call Intuition. Let me explain this to you in this conversation.


Q: Is it true that on the path of self-realisation you get more open to direct answers on all sort of questions. Does your intuition become more awaken?

A: Its impossible!

Q: why?…Your answers can be pretty direct and very much to the point on a questioners situation!

A: I still tell you it is impossible that you become more receptive to direct responses on the path of realising YOURself. On the contrary, there will be no you left to accept the newborn skill. Let me give you a question in return.

“Lets say you suffer from illness. You are standing in front of a garden. There is a variety of a thousand plants available. Only one can give you the cure. How would you know wich one to pick? “

Q: I would meditate a while till I would feel wich one to choose.

A: That is what you are learned to do. You start to relax yourself, no thoughts and then all of a sudden you would go for it. But no, that’s not even half way, sorry. Look at animals. I love cats: when they feel sick in their stomach they start eating grass. Who told them to? It is amazing how animals can cure themselves with the correct plant. It is not about instinct. It is about direct response. My cat doesn’t think, he responds. There is no in between. There is no meditation. There is no Intuition.

Saab 95 SportCombi Sweden

Saab 95 SportCombi Sweden (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Q: So what would you call direct response then?

A: It is 20 years ago I bought my first SAAB. I had been to Sweden on a wonderful trip and suddenly I exposed myself to all kind of impressions about Sweden. There was Sweden on TV, on the radio, the newspaper, I knew a swedish girl, blond of course, Sweden was all around in the center of my attention. How amazing. Perhaps it is a sign! I am in tune! A friend of a friend was driving an old SAAB. I drove it a few times. And there my desire to have one myself was born. I didn’t realise that time it was just the cunning mind that lured me into one. Soon enough I had my first SAAB and I really thought this was the best car in the world. But is that true. Is it?

With the kind of coincidences I called Intuition those days my preference for SAAB was born, but with that knowledge I would never have picked the correct plant like I ask you to do now. Remember its one out of a thousand plants.

Q: So what to do then?

A: Yes, it is correct that on the path of self-realisation instant Knowing, more often shows up. It is beyond intuition. It’s about Life presenting itself in an immediate fresh way. You and the view are one at that moment, undivided. Today I realise my SAAB didn’t find me. It was my Idea of a desire that found a SAAB.

Standing in front of the garden a plant would pick me. It’s not that I would be particular fond of just that one plant amongst a thousand others. No plant would step forward and present itself. Instead I would KNOW. For instance, immediately a view of a plant would show up like a vivid unexpected memory. It would be something about healing plants. I would have been reading about plants years ago, waiting for my check-up in the dentist office. That memory would become so alive and present that I even would remember every single detail of the waiting room. The other patients, the magazines. The presence of that view would be so strong that it had become like a giant stone, stopping any other move. I would take no action to move it. Without hesitation the plant was picked out of the thousand other plants. In one single moment.

It was all about the plant presenting itself with a vivid undoubtedly strong presence that would have faded away every other possibility in existence. Now you also realise how amazing animals are. Observe them, they are pure.

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