Do you really want to Live forever?

Do you really want to live forever? And this preferably in a long series of happy moments? Is this really where you are looking for: a life without complications, pain and sorrow? A life where every move turns into a blossoming flower? And you as a radiant beacon of joy in the middle of it? How nice this would be? Despite my talks, that challenges are an important way-point of a spiritual healthy life, I have noticed resentment against this not to ignored part of a so-called ‘spiritual’ life. Some of you feel uncomfortable by the idea, that each cloudy moment in life is a huge invitation to get ‘to know yourself ‘. Am I therefore favorably talking about the fruits of a miserable life or even the benefits of death?? Well, not al all! But in the same moment in where you accept death , you will embrace Life. And that is pure joy! And in case you already have forgotten it: YOU ALREADY LIVE FOREVER!


Q: When I concentrate on THE Hearth, I feel joy, not sorrow. I start to dance, I feel alive and I want to share my happiness with the whole world. Then there is no space for sorrow and pain, then there is just happiness. And because we have to live THE Heart I notice less suffering in my life. So when you start to talk that I am even responsable for all the misery in the world, I am sorry but, this is one step to far to understand. I can’t be blamed for it.



A: When you see the misery in the world, hear it, taste it, you take notice of it and it becomes totally YOUR ‘s. At that very moment you invite the world into your life as in a game with a ball, your feet and a field to play on. Problem is, long before that you already had planned to enter the play-ground. You already had invited yourself as a separate human being into a game called Life! ‘Your’ life, as a result of your bodily experience on one side and, the word, like the body created by your senses, on the other side of the playfield. Two sides, one huge mistake, one immense identification: give it up. Now!


Q: So when I see misery on my tv or on the internet I just turn the tv of?


A: Well for sure you could do that but, then you will have to try to forget what you saw. Luckily this is what you already do very often even unnoticed, because you are quite selective in your portion of unhappiness. So please, keep on living THE Heart, enjoy and have fun. By the way I am pretty sure you mean: you live according your Heart, not THE Heart.


Q: Explain?


A: Why? How can YOU live THE Heart? I better want you to explain it to me?


Q: It is a matter of speaking. I know that we are THE Heart, undivided. I mean when I point my attention to my Heart, I feel joy.


A: YOU say, I quote: when I point to MY Heart I feel joy. This is exactly why I know that there is still something to realise for you. When there is still a sense of I , in a body, with a Heart, feeling joy, there is still THE perception of separation. There is still you living in your world. There is YOU and a WORLD: two parts. Do understand me well: I love to see you happy, and I know you are seriously loving your life. And of course you are not to be blamed for the misery of the world. Not even for the hard parts of your own life. That were you are to be blamed for is that you still live in this misery!


Q: I have no words.


English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

English: Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A: When you dance of joy you will get tired and eventually you will end up stumbling and hurting yourself. It is still part of the Life experience. Even on the battlefield flowers will grow. That is how Life works. It is you who made it to appear: you the player and the game on a field. Accept that in this perception, next to the moments of joy, you will get hurt anyway. Your identification is that you always try to avoid being hurt instead of experiencing the game. You think you have moments of joy but to be honest THEY ARE JUST THIN BRAKES BETWEEN TWO MOMENTS OF MISERY. It is like that, because you don’t invite Life, but you try to avoid pain. And now every time when you get hurt, you are generously invited to experience death, just to become alive! Now you know all this I invite you to live your life by accepting death. Accept death and you will live a life of joy, unnoticed as joy. Then you are THAT. Take your time to understand this.





Silence, Inner Peace and Beach – Relaxation!

Last week I stumbled upon some stories of people that had taken a so-called re-trait. Just a few days away from work and family for a weekend of spiritual rest and relaxation. You also could go to a warm and sunny holiday – destination along the Mediterranean but, no a re-trait is something with a more deeper meaning than some profound beach-relaxation. Often the advertising words are ‘ silence ‘ and ‘ serene ‘ with the hope to uncover some long forgotten  parts of yourself. But more often silence, quietness, inner-peace,  are words included as beneficial parts of the journey to get to know your true self. True, or still perhaps a stubborn Identification with silence and inner-peace?

Q: I have done quite a few re-traits in wonderful ashrams. On that spots I did a lot of  meditation and yoga. For a long time for me meditating within the boundaries of a group with the same interest was an important part of my process to self-realisation. What is your opinion about it?

A: If this is part of your life, and you enjoy the relaxation, just to be able to handle modern busy life, I would say: give it a try. Why not!

Q: And the meditation, yoga, mantra-singing?

This Statue of Shiva is Approximately 65 feet ...

This Statue of Shiva

A: I know where you want to trick me into but, I am sorry, I am not rejecting what you prefer to do in life. When it comes to relaxation, it just can be wonderful to visit these spiritual re-traits. I mention spiritual, because that is often the context of these breaks from daily life. But what is really your question?

Q: I have a few hesitations…I..

A: Hold on, I know. I have been doing enough  meditation myself, years ago. I even have done Yoga  with my western body, and that all at very silent peaceful places. I can tell you, I became very relaxed and I loved to do it, but as in a part of my road to self-realisation, it has brought me not what I was hoping for. 

Little Exercise

I give you a little exercise. During the next weeks, three times a day at 9.00, 14.00 and 19.00, where ever and with whom you are, you hold with everything you do. At that moment, and it doesn’t matter where you are, on your work, at the mall, in your house, the car, you stop the clock ticking. For a short period you just observe: what do you see, is it a silent beach or the platform of a crowded subway-station? What are the thoughts that are passing by and how do you feel? Are you with company or alone. Were you in a conversation or just listening to music? Are you jogging or, sitting on the coach, having sex (yes, even then), or whatever comes to you. Include everything. The good and the bad. When you were in a bad mood, just experience that. Don’t change the impulse.


Raven, with her hood down, meditating.

Raven, with her hood down, meditating.

And don’t close your eyes. Leave them open. What you see, smell, touch, feel, taste, think, include everything and than take in the one that is watching all this. The observer is always part of the observation. Therefore the observer is the observation and that what is being observed at the same time. Yes at the same time, because don’t forget to include the idea of time. This is the moment, everything and all.

When some sort of activity comes up, include it also. Go on with observing without interfering as long as you like. Now within all this, the realisation will be there that this is it.  This and all there is, is what you are and only exists because you are all this and you have invited it to be. This is beyond silence and peace. It includes everything and all.

After a while you realise that the one observing the observer and that what is being  observed never leaves. It is always there. I am alive.