The Unchangeable is never to be found -part 2

Somehow we are always trying to establish a continuum in our Life. The things we like we invite to stay with us forever and at the same time we immediately want to get rid of the shadow parts. We always look for the unchangeable in the changeable. But now what when we are seriously looking for an answer on: Who am I? Of course, even in our meditations we act the same as we always do: we position our-self as the unchangeable, watching the changeable. This way we still act like we are used to.

Look at a baby that is helplessly waiting for care. Without any assistance the newborn will die pretty soon. From our first moments in this world we need care, on all levels of existence. For a grown up it is rather simple. You are hungry and you find a way to buy some food and you will eat it soon after. Now look at the difference between you as a baby and as a grown up.

English: A young girl kisses a baby on the cheek.

During the years you have learned to talk, to walk, to plan, to work, to cook, even to digest properly. You have learned countless methods to build yourself a working physical state with on top of the cake a partner to love, a comfortable home, proper education, a job , money, healthcare, a pension-plan. You easily can fill up this list with many other desires. Picture yourself as the little baby and now. Over the years you have build up a full body-worldsystem of identification, all set up in a perfect functioning dream of space and time.

For a baby there is no world. Even objects appear to be blurry colour-patterns. It is not made to survive on itself. But from day one the body will learn itself to survive. Identifications will grow, building up safety, each at a time. Noticeably the Idea of a separate existing body in a world of objects will appear to be. And this is how it should function otherwise the body, THE IDEA, would die. The body is there and has learned to live and survive. It is perfectly fit for it.

English: Paper Kite (Idea leuconoe) Deutsch: W...

For a body the natural knowledge and learning-curve how to survive has to be born out of something deeper. And that is the Idea of separation, and therefore the urge to protect itself. How come? Well, in essence the birth of the body is THE EXPRESSION of separation itself already. This whole physical state IS build on fear of death and is urging itself to overcome death, because IT undoubtedly KNOWS there is just LIFE, as in CONSCIOUSNESS itself! Why would your heart beat, why would your longs function, why are your organs and blood doing its job. Yes, they all work together to survive death!

The physical world is build upon THE IDEA of mortality. Everything has been created to live a long and happy life with the avoidance of pain and sorrow leading to sickness and death. Deep down we know all this. Birth and death are part of the same IDEA. We even create the idea of an eternal soul, a heaven or a someone who can reach enlightenment, or we like to live the buddha as the unchangeable watcher on the hill. Even then, we want to survive.

A picture of a lightbulb is often used to repr...

And it is all so very natural….

When you sit on your couch and you start to meditate like the best you can there is one thing left to understand. You are THIS, the IDEA that created the unchangeable in the changeable. This has to be seen, This has to be understood. Probably now you think. ah.. I know what he means: I am both, I am all there is, I am beyond the world of objects and therefore beyond the changeable in the unchangeable. This is the tricky mind, because now you have to take the next step. A step into the abyss. And like a teenage girl who wants to experience her first love, you first will know when you have taken the invitation to jump into the ocean.



The Unchangeable is never to be found -part 1

Let me tell you this. All my articles refer direct to what you ARE: THIS. Not there, not here; just THIS is it. THIS what ‘ you ‘ARE, nothing more, nothing less. Within all THIS, there has to be understood something very important if you want to realize your true nature. And when you really get into this, not just as a solid thought, but as in the core of existence itself, there is not much left to get, to reach or even to be.

Before we go deeper into THIS, I will ask you to close your eyes for about 5 minutes. Within just a small piece your daily routine that I want you to relax and just observe without being focused on something. Just be.

Now, in these 5 minutes you have experienced what I call the physical state. This is the state of Time and Space. You have noticed Time, because you let the little meditation happen for about 5 minutes. You created a past, a now and a future for your exercise. You did this in a comfortable position, laying or sitting in a room, a house or on a bench in the park with your smart phone within reach to read the article. You will also observe the world around you: objects in any shapes and seizes. This is your created Space. Time and Space. that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.



I remember my own moments of doing nothing. I went to Buddhist groups, took meditation classes, I did Yoga and was very serious to be real deep and sacred with my meditations. I was pretty good on sitting on my couch, for hours and hours, just with some traditional slow-paced walking brakes. This was how I learned to do it during my Buddhist classes. Later on, working with Yoga and even the years with my teacher of Advaita Vedanta, Alexander Smit, I kept doing these exercises ongoing. One day it left me, like it had found me once and I learned that meditation practice is great to relax a lot of mind-clutter, but when you really want to realize yourself, it also can create one of the biggest illusions.

This reality-state, your time and space creation, has the mechanism of change. Nothing remains the same, not even a split second. Countless molecules are constant on the move and even your body is part of this dance of change like any other object. Everything you can observe from the universe, including thoughts and feelings, is on the move to grow, to change, to disappear, to be born. We cry for joy when new life arrives and we encounter a great loss when a beloved one suddenly dies. Attachment is part of the physical existence. We get attached to our language, habits, surrounding, people, even the label of coffee and toothpaste. We even prefer to follow a more or less pattern of routines, day in, day out. Not only we humans live like that, but also animals and even plants, that follow the rhythm of the seasons.

Somehow we are always trying to establish a continuum in our Life. The things we like we invite to stay with us forever and at the same time we want to get rid immediately of the shadow parts of life. We always look for the unchangeable in the changeable. But now what when we are seriously looking for an answer: Who am I?

PART 2 I will publish this coming Wednesday, the 11th of december

Meditate and then don’t forget to crack the bottle


” You can empty a bottle, but the bottle is still there. When you try to bring your mind at ease, there is still the concept of mind. When you reach a peace-full moment of joy during your meditation, there is still a you around to invite the show. “


The most accepted buddhist figurine is without any doubt Buddha in meditation. The directness of Jesus hanging and suffering on a cross is more and more exchanged for this absolute peaceful symbol of the Buddha, when we go for a spiritual path. Meditation in the form of sitting in silence is perhaps the most accepted technic to get in touch with ourselves. We can call it Vipassana, Yoga, or one of the latest variations on awareness in action: Mindfulness.


Staring at a float for a fish to catch


I had periods in my life with a lot of meditation practice. At home I made a shrine, burned incense, some candle-light and tried to follow directions I got from several teachers. I enjoyed buddhist meditations also in one of their temples where 30 minutes of sitting in silence were alternated with short periods of meditative walking. We did this for days in a row. And yes, it all became very quiet between the ears.


Buddha, Kamakura, Japan

Buddha, Kamakura, Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Then there were the endless variations Osho described in his Orange Meditation Book, From the silent Vipassana to the energy cooking Dynamic meditation. All of them brought tremendous feelings and pleasures. A bit like cycling a 100 miles, getting tired as hell, but at the same time enjoying a hardly to describe sensation of relief.


For some years I also practiced Yoga. Practicing a variation of asana’s and studying the ways of Iyengar and Saraswati. I learned a lot about the flows of energy. Although I think Yoga is not always suited for our more vast western bodies, I loved doing it with a fine group of students. A silent sensation I also encountered in watching the changing figures of the stock market indices for hours in a row, or staring at a float for a fish to catch wich I loved to do as a child.


Then of course there were the satsangs on Advaita Vedanta with my master Alexander Smit. Listening to him gave the same peace and bliss I had with all the other practices. But the encounter with Him gave me a sensation I had not tasted before in any other practice.


A sensation I had not tasted before in any other practice.


I have learned and practiced, but I have to be clear on one important part of the game. No matter how wonderful these ways of meditation are, there is only one that can help you go pass on all the moments of bliss you have enjoyed. And that is by meeting someone in real, who has followed the path all the way. By meeting our teacher or Guru like it is called in India, we meet ourself in an immediate way. Yoga, Vipassana, Satsang is only of greater value when we have met our teacher. Why?


English: Shri Gaudapada Statue Picture Categor...

English: Shri Gaudapada Statue Picture Category:Shri Gaudapadacharya Math (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Even when you enjoy wonderful moments of silence, peace, unity, bliss and even when your life starts to flow with love and joy one thing has to be done to make it all perfect. And that is meeting someone who has followed the road all the way to the end. In meeting him/her it is possible to take the final step that makes you realise there has never been a mind at all. Meeting is Knowing.



I will try to describe it. Let’s say you are about 12 years of age and friends start to talk about being in love. They start to act weird, become passionate about a boy or a girl and you don’t see or feel anything special about the girl/boy. They talk lyric as if they just had encountered some god/goddess. They seem to be possessed by feelings you would love to have, but you how? You start to read about it, talk about it with your friends. You even date a boy/girl, but somehow nothing happens. Then one day, at one sudden moment you are caught by surprise: you fell in love. Now you know. Meeting is Knowing.


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