One day you realise: I am in Love

Being is all about Loving. Don’t bother yourself too much with Thoughts about how to realise yourself. In the end you will just Love and Live anyway

Q: When I look around, just watch, just observe, I realise I am here and now. This is it. Still there is another part of me that is watching the I that knows. It looks like I have divided myself into two pieces.

Love tree

Love tree (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

A: Put two mirrors in front of each other. Take a spot in between, and you will see reflections of yourself till the end of days. There comes no end to it. So you can create as many I’s as you want. And in fact you do. In the end it is just more Idea’s piled up onto the rumble of Idea’s any how.

Q: So what is giving me the perspective of a greater observer that is observing my awareness?

A: The fact that there is still a you around building perspectives on Idea’s about he essence of you!

Q: Still I can’t get rid of this me making all the idea’s

A: And this is the Heart of the Illusion: the Idea of a separated you, living in a body, observing the world around yourself as all separate objects.

This manifestation of the body is brilliant when it comes to the quest of ‘who am I’ . It gives a sense of space and time continuum. It is your self-created playground. And now a drop, part of the ocean is trying to get rid of itself to become the ocean once again. The body is perhaps the biggest Idea brought into full manifestation.

And now with that body, you, in fact an Idea itself, start to make Idea’s to declare itself bankrupt to be become what it already was and is: the source of all Idea’s brought into manifestation.

Difficult to understand? Don’t make Idea’s. Just invite this statement with gentle care.

Q: When you die the body disappears

Observation Rock and Echo Rock

Observation Rock and Echo Rock (Photo credit: brewbooks)

A: But will the one observing the observer, disappear with the death of the body?

Q: I don’t know. Somehow I am convinced I still will be around with or without form.

A: See what you do! Still you try to survive after the death of the body. There must remain something?

Can’t you see that the whole idea of for instance a Soul that survives death, after wich it then get prepared for the next manifestation, is giving you comfort? You are not even willing to give up yourself in this live! YOU as consciousness itself will be around eternal, but the Linda* that you are now, will not be there as it is already just here as Idea projected into form! Understand this part very well!

Q: So this Awareness. Will it always be there?

Love Love Love

Love Love Love (Photo credit: Gregory Jordan)

A: Awareness itself will always be there. It is one and the same as consciousness itself. Consciousness is also one and the same as the Manifest itself. Awareness, Consciousness, Manifest, these are all one and the same, undivided. Consciousness takes the shape of milions of forms, endless. Even as a so-called you, occupying a body, seeking for itself. And this seeking you. Well, that is in fact all there is. Existence is very kind to you. Just take it in slowly, with care.

Q: It is hard to get

A: It is also hard to explain. For all don’t try to give up your ego, because there is no such thing. Don’t try to get rid of Thought, because the body is created as Thought into Form. Just let it be, just let it happen.

I know you feel urged to get answers. I have been there myself. It is like explaining to be in love to a young child that never has been in love before. One day you realise you are in Love, than you will know immediately. Let it happen.


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