Truth: It is your Birthright!

The Pope is resigning. The world is in shock. It is more than 500 years ago a pope resigned from his function. Not suddenly stopped by death itself , but because he wants to resign. And now what? Do we get a pope from Latin-America, Asia, Africa even? And how will the Catholic Church respond?

I have to admit that I have a protestant background. In my youth we learned better to avoid Roman Catholic children. A majority of the children in my street were catholics. First recently I realised I was never invited inside their houses for a birthday party. I didn’t belong to them.

Nowadays this segregation has long gone. My wife is from a catholic family. So are my best friends even. Our religious background is not important anymore. Sure, some people find it hard to live together with newcomers in our country, wich often are muslims . That too shall pass. In time people will just mingle, giving the cake as a whole a new taste.

A man with long hair, walking on sandals

emblem of the Papacy: Triple tiara and keys Fr...

emblem of the Papacy: Triple tiara and keys Français : emblème pontifical Italiano: emblema del Papato Português: Emblema papal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



As a child I pictured Jesus as a man with long hair, walking on sandals, living amongst the poor, sharing the little he had. And all he did was teaching people on the subject ‘ who are you’. He was meeting up with people who were living the life of an outcast, prostitutes, thieves and beggars. I was fascinated by the bible. Still I consider it to be a book of great wisdom and knowledge. Too bad there’s hardly anyone left to explain it in the real sense. It is even worse that there is hardly anyone left to live it to the fullest: it is your birth-right to seek Truth itself.

I was not raised with devotion for a pope. So it is hard to understand what he represents to devote catholics. For me, I never saw a pope that matches my view of a teacher of The Heart; I never heard a pope talking about true Love and Wisdom.

The same for the Protestant churches. They were part of my childhood, but I gave up on them when my minister called Buddhists in Thailand pagans. We had to rescue them for the church, our church.

It is your birthright

The church as institution. It makes me feel sad. In all traditions and religions where people become more important than their message, the master long gone, institutions kill the message. At its best they will be able to share a message of Love like the Dalai lama does for instance, but everyone who has traveled through Thailand knows that Buddhism as a guidance for live hasn’t resulted into a society full of equal Love and understanding.

The essence of Truth happens always in direct confrontation with the master. It is a living Truth. Jesus, Buddha and their disciples in Satsang together. They were alive as it can be. Not part of any dead institution.

The best thing to happen in life is the direct confrontation with One Who Knows. Than you will Know yourself. It is your birth-right




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