Wish you all a happy everlasting moment

Lately my Life got a bit much cluttered by packing things, sorting stuff and moving to a new house. So to all of you that have been waiting for some new masterpiece of my creative no mind, its time to pick things up again with a new drive. ” There is so much ignorance out there to give some attention in this New Year, that I don’t know how to start.”

Happy New Year!

In fact there is no ignorance at all. Basically as an idea we  just take the stand of the ignorant identification, what we call a person. It is this separation, this cut of from the whole that let us feel isolated. This is what we do. All the time and in every moment of our Life’s, even during the happy moments of the day, it is the idea of being a person amongst all other objects in a space we call universe that needs to be realised and thus known as into a truthful perspective.

For a New Year, a real invention on its own, I wish you all this Knowledge that in basically it is just pure Joy. An  everlasting Moment of Love and Understanding with no beginning and no end.

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