Time, a Secret Revealed! Part 1.

Or how the Idea of Time and Space is keeping you away from Self – Realisation.

It is a short while ago I have been able to write something, but now I can assure you: this piece will be able to boost your ‘ knowledge ‘ on Self-realisation. Time and Space, both interconnected. A couple that is part of each other forever and ever. Let me introduce you to the timeless state.

Q: I have to live more in the moment, in the now. Or I need to be more focussed and enjoy the immediate. I practice this as much as I can. I become more and more centered and less and less abstracted from thoughts.

A: Wonderful! So what is the question then?

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Q: It still feels like an effort I have to make to be in my center. Sooner or later….

A: Stop. It is ok. I see that you are honest and sincere towards your goal, but I have to question your so-called now. I know, there is an overflow of information to be found on the internet: how to live in the ‘Now’, blah..blah.. Actually it leads to nothing.

Please stand up and look in front of you


A: The future we often picture ourselves in front of us. Now you look behind; that is the spot we give to our past. In our mind we make a horizontal line: the past is behind you and the future in front of you. What you tend to do is placing yourself in the middle. By focussing on ‘ the Now ‘ you create a new spot in the timeline. You place yourself temporarily on a platform, a Safe Haven, waiting for the future to come. This is all made by Idea’s. It is your own creation.

Q: Can you go deeper into this?

A: I even have to! By focussing on this Now, this very moment, you are still part of the illusion of Time: past, present and future. And this goes on and on. Don’t get me wong: there are lots of moments in your life that being focussed on the things you do: work, study, sports, is very important and comes in handy, but I am talking about ‘ Who Am I ‘ , and then living the moment, you have to realise you are still taking part in the Idea of Time and Space.

Groundhog Day

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I give you something to do. Go, rent and watch the movie ‘ Groundhog Day ‘. It is an old movie with Bill Murray and Andy McDowell. They both end up in a little town as reporters to cover the Groundhogday, a local festival. They check into a hotel and soon enough Bill notices he starts each day in exactly the same conditions over and over again, starting the same time when his alarm clock wakes him at 6 in the morning. The day won’t go past the 24 hours. Every day, the same people, the same traffic, everything remains the repeating same. Just he himself can change his own direct pattern for just 24 hours. He starts to play with it and lives the day perhaps a thousand times. In the end he realises he has to learn to open his heart more and more to Andy Mc Dowell and then he finally can enter the next day.

I have seen this picture at least 4 or 5 times. As a story it is simple, but I highly recommend watching it as a part of your spiritual trip. Look to this movie in the way I will teach you about in this lecture. In fact all your so-called lives you start to live at the same day at 6 in the morning. You just can play a bit with the manifest, but you are living your timeless time exactly the way Bill Murray is enjoying his same old same song every day, again and again.

Living a life from zero to perhaps 85 is like putting the same old-fashioned record on to listen. Near the end there is a crack and it doesn’t go further. You put it off and forget it. Then you put the record on again, a new, another manifestation maybe, and the same thing repeats, over and over again. And it always repeats itself at the same place, on the same day, the same hour. Un-detatched.

PART 2 I will publish this Thursday, the 15th of november

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One thought on “Time, a Secret Revealed! Part 1.

  1. Mooie blog Ronald,

    Zoals je het mij al vertelde. Ik heb het dit keer via de website bekeken, dat ziet er qua lay out namelijk mooier uit.

    Hoe dicht zat je met je cijfers bij de ‘ontknoping’?

    Hartelijke groet,


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