In your finest hour there is no one left to celebrate

Nederlands: Alexander Smit

Alexander Smit 1948 1998 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lately I have been reading  many personal stories on weblogs and internet pages about the spiritual progression people think they make. Some of them are great tales about wonderful experiences, achieved as presents from the streams of Life. Reading them there is one thing that will always worry me the most. So the following is very important  to take in when you want to grow your understanding on ‘who am I’.

Q: You, worrying?

A: Actually yes, because often these stories show evidence of the most cunning devastating trap for the spiritual seeker to be experienced. My teacher, Alexander Smit already warned his students for making a touch down, or better making a free fall. And he was so right, because I often encounter the comfort-zone  people take place into after some so-called spiritual experience.

Q: What you mean? I had some great enlightening moments. Moments of pure bliss and serenity.

A: I am glad for you. Hope they were great fun. Did they change your perspective? Did you grow? Did you became more clear about self-realisation.

Q: Are you questioning my experiences.?

A: Not at all. But your wonderful experiences are at the same time huge roadblocks on your path. Its like if you are making a journey and now and then you mark the road. From there you plan ahead a new part of your trip. This is ok when you are learning some skill, but on the road to self-realization you can’t make any markers. Your road should remain marker free. In fact it is not even a road!

Q: Still my path feels like a journey. I know more than a while ago.

A: Sure you know more than before. Now notice yourself how easy you have made a concept out of your experiences. You got new plants for your garden and you gave them immediately a place. That is very nice of you, but it is better to keep your garden open and fresh as it was on day one. Enjoy the experience and go on. I know it is the hardest thing to do on your path, but it is necessary. Its like winning the olympics and then putting all fame and glory aside. Again you have to work hard to win the next game. It starts all over again.

Remember the buddhist monks making their beautiful mandala’s with fine chalk. In the end they just fade away their painting and start all over. Don’t make a touch down. Enjoy the experience. No matter how extraordinary your experience was: lights, clearness, deja vu’s, whatever. Don’t use them to make a couple of Idea’s on how spiritual you are becoming.

I also don’t want to discourage you on the insights you have gained during your journey  Go on taking your new perpectives slowly one by one. Have faith, one day all this knowing will end up into a deeper understanding. A silent being, called YOU.

‘ My awakening ‘, ‘ My fifth stage ‘ . I feel sorry for them. There is no I that ever will be awaken. There is no one around to reach a fifth stage. It has never happened and never will be. Self-realisation is giving  up. Nothing will be left. No party, no participant. You give up all Idea’s, Thoughts, Experiences. In your finest hour there is no one left to celebrate.

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