Awareness, Intuition. You are not around.


Intuition (TNT album)


In answer to reactions on my post on ‘Intuition’ I feel urged to explain that indeed there is a difference between an impulse we can follow or not, and real Intuition that let no other options.


In the first situation we often say: ah, I should have followed ‘ my ‘ first hunch, but I didn’t. Now the outcome is not so good ‘.Real Intuition is when the sudden impulse or awareness turns into immediate action. Awareness and action happen in the very same moment. There is no experiencer around to question the impulse. No you is no thoughts, no choices.


Impulse by memory


Lets say you go on a holiday. The car is packed and you and your family hit the road. After about half an hour you suddenly feel shocked: you forgot to put out the fire under the kettle. You were boiling water for coffee. Now you are worried you still left the gas of the cooker on. You feel a strong urge to go back to check the cooker on your sudden hunch.


You start to share your concerns with your partner. She tries to make you feel at ease with the fact that she did a last check up before you all left the house. But hey, wasn’t it you who was the last one working with the cooker? Your partner tries to take away your concerns. The whole trip you are doubting your view. Still the alarming Hunch is there. When you have reached your destination you call your neighbour to check the cooker. And yes, the fire was still on. Then you blame yourself for not having returned home. What if?


THIS is NOT INTUITION. It’s an impulse, a good one, but not Intuition. Why not? There is still a you around to doubt your strong hunch. The impulse was just coming from a more unconscious part of your brain. Somehow you knew you had not turned of the fire. And you didn’t act because you had more possibilities. There was still a ‘you’, between impulse and reaction and that gave you options, too many.


Intuition is Direct Response


INTUITION or Direct Response is the immediate impulse in action. Can you imagine what have happened when this would have happened in relation to the Fire on the cooker? You would have returned immediately. Your wife would be flabbergasted, perhaps shocked by the action.


The more you give up (on you), this phenomena will occur. Its amazing where it can take you. Don’t be afraid and let yourself go. It’s all about giving up control. Its like giving birth and place to a new Life. Point is you can’t ‘ do ‘. It happens when the time is right!




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