The conductor and the orchestra become One

It is your deeper hunger for Knowledge that urges you to self-experience. But first once you have become aware of ”the path to Insight’ , Life will unfold itself dramatically for you. It will start to tell you its secrets. It will let you be, it will let you see. For instance at first when you suddenly need a new house you would start worrying about finding one. This emotion is your own self-created set of Idea’s. Once you ‘know’ houses will go and come like the rain comes and goes. You won’t control your life anymore. You give it up. You will be out of control. Your world will immediately fill in what is needed. You will realise then: the world, everything that is available in YOU is part of the self-created existence.

During the course of actions Life will give you time to reflect. The world will bow to you. Slowly, but radically your life appears to change like a new theater decoration-set. Often life takes away old and rusty parts. A relationship that suddenly doesn’t suit you anymore, a job that gives you no longer the inspiration. The difference with a real crisis is that you know it has to be like that. It lets you smile. Even on moments that would have led you into depression without notice.

This is because you realise you are part of the changing decoration. You are about to give up yourself. You become part of the whole. Then when the new parts of your existence slowly but certainly arrive, you become more and more part of the path you follow.

The conductor and the orchestra become one

The muddy track in the wilderness becomes plastered with beautiful marble. You start to say YES. You know this is more YOU. I don’t mean the ‘you’ with all your small wishes and desires. I really mean YOU, the center of the universe. Sometimes it still can be strange to find yourself involved in daily affairs that you could never have dreamed of before. They will easily fill in the blanks.

You will get attracted to all sort of new activities. Often you wonder your hands are picking up a new skill, and you love it. You travel to new countries, meet new people, hear of inspirational insights on all matters. Most of all resistance is fading away besides all other rusty parts.

Resistance is no longer part of your life. Not that you don’t have your preferences. You still have them. They even become more You. They have found strong roots. It is that you no longer speak out of old opinions on ‘what you were told’ to think. In this ever lasting existence you will become the conductor and the orchestra at the same time. You lead on and you will be showed. Then you realise, YOU are the creator of the universe.


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