STOP thinking, invite YOU on stage!

Q: Recently on my work I was urged to be more open-minded. I was too much focussed on my own principles. I should become more open to the perspectives of co-workers.

A: In this question I notice quite a few assumptions. No worries. I hear them all the time. It’s so modern to be more ‘open minded ‘ or ‘ be more focussed ‘. They are calender-wisdoms.

First of all: there is no mind at all. So there also can’t be any set mindset. And to be more focussed on it, is quite a stupid action so to say. Or you would like to work with something you just pretend there is?

Q: Still I think, and I have to do this for my work. I often have to make calculations and I use my mind for it.

A: There is NO mind !

Q: So what am I doing then?

A: You tell me?

Q: Using my brains to think.

A: Why you think?


Q: Because I have to

A: You don’t have to when you don’t need to. It’s your idea that you have to. We send our children into school at around the age of 4 and we slowly bring them into sleep. They start not only to learn good skills like reading or writing, but also we make them learn to be thinkers. Thinking will become THE TOOL to survive during your life. That is how we are programmed. Your work will be based on how well you can THINK. That all the major problems in the world are not solved by thinking is something we can see on a daily base. Actually world-problems will never be solved by thinking. One thought will lead to another thought and when we have reached a solution, some other thought is needed to encounter a new situation. Thinking is a never-ending story. There never will be a perfect answer that will lead us into endless glory and salvation.

To think you will need a thinker. And that is what we create: a thinker. A thinker creates a place to survive, your ego or mind. A spot in our head, our brain, were we develop thoughts. That is what we think. Thoughts that will lead into idea’s about us, who we are, what we do, our work and all kind of perspectives. We try to become better in it. We even give out nobel-prices and build statues for our greatest thinkers. In the end it has brought us nothing.


Q: Still there are many inventions, created by thinkers. Architects, Technicians. I don’t agree with you that thinking is a waste.

A: I knew you would go there!

The best architects have visions. Einstein had visions of our universe. Visions go way beyond Thought. The greatest inventors, in history and today are visionaries. They try to ‘understand ‘ what is urging them to create. Then they use skills to get them to a next part of the puzzle. Mathematics is a skill. Its something you can learn to be able to construct a building, a railroad, a plane. I am always surprised to see how my supermarket is filled with thousands of products. Always available. One day I tried to calculate how many people it would involve to fill up my supermarket. Perhaps even a billion. The logistic is amazing. But its a skill, a tool. And a good one too.


Q: So what is the difference between the open mind and your logistics?

A: When you make calculations you use a skill, mathematics. When I talk to you I use my knowledge of language. So speaking my language is a skill I have learned! Swimming is a skill. So is walking! Calculating is a skill.

I AM not my SKILLS. So I have no spot in my head called a mind from where I use my skills. I just use them!. I have learned to use skills in Life and they become in handy. Again those skills are memorised and of course my brain made connections, but I am not my brain!

A created mind is the leader of all thoughts. It has nothing to do with skills! It has nothing to do with the perspective of the world you have. It lets you believe there is something with your name on it: you amongst all other things. And that is not the case. So use your skills instead of creating a non-existent Mind. There was no mind, never, and never will be.

Q: So what to do then?

A: When you drop the idea of separation. When you start to live the joy of being ONE you will no longer have a mind of your own. You use your skills when you need them and lay them apart when no longer needed. You become quiet, peaceful. You become available. In fact you come to the point that you will find out that you are already open, available: idea’s come and go, positions are easily changed, views and opinions invited and left behind. You will then be into an ever lasting dance with Life. You will KNOW.




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