Important: it ‘s about Touch!

What we need to understand on the path of self-realisation is that everything experienced is part of you, and does exist only just because of YOU. No senses, no world. This awareness is the constant factor in the endless ever-changing dance of the materialised Idea. In the following conversation I give you something important to read that can help you to ‘ understand ‘who YOU are.

A:Let me give you a hand. What do you feel?

Q:Hehe. You want to trick me. Lets find a clever answer. Hmm, your hand is warm. Not to big…

A:Wait, that’s not what I ask. I asked you: serious, what do you feel when I give you a hand.

Q:Let me see. Personal touch, good feelings, Connection…


A:First of all you try to ‘think’ about an answer, that is part of the problem. Never mind. You can go into what my hand means to you. Perhaps it reminds you to another hand. It can take you into several memories. Whatever the idea’s you will come up with, it will be far beyond what you really feel. And that is in fact the problem living the life of a person, living the life of someone being separated from all objects around yourself, your world. In fact it takes you so far away, as an idea, from what you really are, that you come into trouble. You are traveling way beyond the edge of the world, attracted to new boundaries.

You can stay in that forever, but one day I guarantee you, YOU will find your way home.


Q: What should have been the correct answer?

A: You sound like a monk asking his master what should have been the answer to his Koan. Take what I just told you into consideration and try me out. What do you feel when I give you a hand. Come up, I give you my handshake. Just be honest with your answer.

Q: I try to feel. Not to interfere with thoughts of any kind. It is my hand that feels your hand. Basically there is just the sensation of touch.

A: There is touch. We agree on that, but let’s have a look at ‘touch’ . It’s impossible to feel my hand. What you feel is basically the image you have of my hand. When your hand is particular soft and mine is rough, the contrast will make you think I work as a contractor. Now when you would have rough hands yourself, perhaps your views would be different again. The way you Sense the world is based on the position you take towards the world.

Q: You always say that when you take the right position, there is no other world, just you.

A: Then why are you talking about feeling ‘ my hand’, because in the right position there is no other hand!

Q: It’s just a matter of speaking!

A: It’s this ‘ matter of speaking’ that gets you into trouble! You go to ‘your teacher’ in the outer world. That is what you think. You and the outside world. In the right position there is no outer world. There is no world other than you. In your dreams you travel the whole world and timelines in 8 hours. Still you don’t think you have been in Japan and Holland in the same night: it all was a dream. So why not live the same way during the waking state?

Q: Because I can’t be in Japan and Holland at the same time like in my dreams.


A: This state seems to have some rules of its own. Well, you think they have rules of its own. Lets get deeper into this.

Q: So by holding your hand there is just the sensation of feeling.

A: Now we are getting there. There is the sensation of touch. You will never experience the sensation of my hand. YOU just FEEL what YOU EXPERIENCE. You feel you. Not my hand. Hand, two hands, experience in touch and all in one creation! It has all become one: the experience and the one who experience it become one..

In fact there is just sensation, made possible by senses, appearing into YOU. This YOU we call Consciousness itself. When you meditate about it, you might reach the point where you can be in Japan and Holland at the same time, because everything is YOU at the same time, at the same place as in everywhere.


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