The Cunning Road to Self- realisation: part 2

Last week I got wonderful reactions on the first part of this article. Quite a few have been reading and enjoying it. Thanks for that!. Although last few days were keeping me away from the PC I felt the urge to write down the next part. So lets give it a go!

Q: Is there a single moment that you will know Life starts to show you its real mysteries? How will I know that I reach that final stage?


A: According to my last article there are two stages before the last one jumps in. Well, it just seems that there are two stages prior the one I’m going to talk about now. In fact, there are no stages at all! As soon as life unfolds itself to YOU, you will know that there are no stages and that a mind-trigger created a you into a Body-mind structure, all into some world of objects. Loosing that space-time dilemma will mean: GIVING UP A PERSONAL LIFE. It looks like you had one, but now it has become a tool and not your dictator. And Living with the possibility of using that Tool instead of imprisoning yourself is big fun. I can tell you!

Thinking that your are an individual person living in a world of objects is a very unconscious point of view. As long as you are happy with that, its ok. Who cares. You are living according the street, the group, your own self-made image. And you even sometimes will put a soul into this body according to one or another believe-system. It all seems to fit. When you die the soul goes to Heaven for believers. For atheists here just ends the journey. Both opinions don’t bite each other. Consciousness itself doesn’t matter what you believe to be true.


Spiritual haberdashery


In a second stage you try to cherry up your lives with all kind of spiritual haberdashery. You like to flavor it with oftentimes asian based techniques to make yourselves a better person. You will change your christian-heaven for the idea of hindu reincarnation and it all seems to be fixed and sound after a while. I have to say it again: realise yourself it’s just shifting objects into a more desired life. Sure it all can set you in the right direction. It will make you more alert. It might open your eyes. Then, don’t step into the comfortable trap Its like one of you wrote to me last week: in this stage you THINK you know things, instead of KNOWING.


Q: What can I do to avoid that trap?


A: YOU will have to realise your point of view: CONSCIOUSNESS itself. In the next stage, your Life into perspective will be questioned in a very serious way. We all have our weak-spots or better said: trigger buttons. If one of them is pushed: you will start to tremble and will not know what to do. And those buttons will be pushed by life – events. How beautiful we make our spiritual life with all heart-loving things we so gladly have invited into our lives, at some point this glorious castle will allow some conquerors crushing its doors.

What is Your button? What are you afraid of? Loosing your child? Giving up your comfortable job that gives you a Home, a pension, food on the table? Are you afraid of getting a deadly disease? Ask yourself that question. Be honest. We all have these buttons! Our FEARS are at the same time our natural boundaries. Idea’s have created them carefully. They are there at your request. And just when time is right, like a flower to blossom in the summer, it lets you face and overcome the obstacles.


Q: I get it. I am just an Idea. A Thought itself. Still then I don’t see how to let that Idea to disappear?


A: At a very sudden moment you will experience what I mean by this. When Life pushes your button(s) you will shiver and feel part of something bigger than you. Then you are about to give up you. Life is knocking on your door. When you are ready, Life will let you watch into your basic fears. It will be different for all of us. Life is beautiful: it will give you the experience when you are ready and in a way you can handle it. Often we like to talk about unbearable pain and suffering. In fact there is not such a thing. A teenager is convinced that his life is coming to an end when he gets for the first-time rejected by the girl of his dreams. A pensioner will feel devastated loosing her husband with cancer. For both of them its the impact of the experience that marks your stage of getting to Know who you are. Again, you created your own boundaries yourself to create an idea of certainty, of comfort. Avoiding these edges of the world will keep you happy. Now you will meet them. No doubt about that.


All of the sudden, in a world of disaster, you have nowhere to go. Literary you will not make a move. You don’t Know how to handle. You can’t go out and can’t go in. The person has no choice. The whole system goes beep-beep-beep. Neither this not that. I often laid myself down on my bet and felt like dying. I invited death to come. It was the only thing that was left and would give me a way out. At the same time, my KNOWLEDGE let me see what was happening. It gave me rest. Remember yourself the stories of Odysseus who bound himself to the pole of his ship to be able to hear the Sirens. You might know the wonderful story of JOB: God took all of his possessions, but Job knew he had to stay calm and to live with it. He watched his life, lived it through and got it all back.


All pieces of the puzzle fall into the right place


You will find yourself in a position that witnesses all despair. Your house is on fire, but you stand still and watches the whole process. It’s not always easy. I often felt like the actor John Cusack trapped into a haunted hotel-room. 1408 is a beautiful movie when you can watch it in the ‘who am I perspective. In the end of the movie, totally broken to pieces he gives up surviving and surrenders. Then he awakes: being alive.

You will KNOW when you know. KNOWING is like connecting all dots. You now realise that you are KNOWING itself. The world of duality, your daily life, becomes very clear to you. All pieces of the puzzle fall into the right place. Its complete. Its marvelous. It’s hard to describe. It’s like watching a beautiful picture of a beach and a glorious sunset. Now you KNOW what you ‘feel’. Now you KNOW you are always part of that sunset.You are that Sunset! Over and over again. The watcher on the Hill has become part of that what is being watched. Its fulfilled. Then true Grace and Compassion has been discovered.


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