No Objects, no You. No You, no Objects.

‘ What’ is making a Tree to grow. What is letting the Apple tree to blossom? How does a leaf know how to unfold itself. That it is time to show its presence? And where did it all began?

Lets start with the tiny little seed in the earth. It was a play of nature that it got there in the first place. Just like billions of other seeds reach the soil to make themselves a home to be. The earth will nurture it. Rain and Sun will also give their aid to help the seed grow. But still how does the seed knows how to grow? Where is that higher intelligence to be found. Open a seed and I’m sure you won’t find it. Scientists can determine my Tree’s DNA. It even have some components similar to Human beings. Now we have a code of Life. But what makes it to work? It has to start somehow? And more important. How is the whole process unfolding? Light? Electricity? In the end scientists can determine the whole chain of growth. What starts the growing?

This I also could implement for my body. When I cut my finger how does it know how to heal itself? Within a few days it is cured. It didn’t cost me any time to help it healing. Amazing how the body knows how to recover itself, to feed itself, reproduce and even one day it will stop working. All by itself. I am just a watcher on the Hill. My body has its own rules. Like everything in the Awakening state rules itself, from birth to death. Still then there appears to be some deeper inside part that ‘ Knows’ . So what knows? Whats the Intelligence in all This.

It’s all a play of objects. Objects only appear from the senses. The senses work as long as the body functions. When the body is not working anymore the world and his objects seem to stop as well. Is it?

Talking about the senses. Ever tried to explain the taste of salt? Take a sniff of salt and try to taste it with your tongue. Pure salt gives you a one-time sensation. Now explain it to someone who never had the sensation of pure taste before in his Life. You only could describe the sensation of taste. So you would talk about the sensation. Lets recall: about Your sensation. The direct experience of the salt is not to describe, its immediate.

What makes the salt to be salt. Scientist can give formula’s for natrium in all shapes and seizes, but then what is the inner core that makes salt to be salt? Whats the inner core?

Remember that it’s all happening in the world of objects. The same world where  ‘your’ body, including all its wonderful senses come to shine. Its all part of the same Duality. So the leaf  is to be seen in You, the wound in your finger will get healed, appearing in you. And sure, its the sensation of the tasty salt that is to be experienced in You.

So whats the quality of You? It’s what some call God. I prefer consciousness. For me God relates to an object. Not to be seen and omnipresent, but still an unidentified object. It’s beyond God. Its You. Remember, its You.

Its You that lets the leaf grow, the wound to heal and the salt to taste. Without a dual World of Objects there is no Consciousness, no You. You always will be there. No Objects, no You. No You, no Objects. It’s very simple. You will always express yourself in a setting that lets you realise: I am. I feel, so I am. I think so I am. The whole body-mind, the Heart , it’s all there as an expression of You, and therefore it is You. It will never die and never be born.


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