The Object and Observer are One: like Apple sauce

Looking from behind my desk into my garden I notice my Apple tree. Its early Spring and new leaves are slowly finding their way into the world. It’s only a year ago I took some branches away to bring the tree into shape. Now the tree has a lot of small branches I’m sure there will be an abundant blossom this year.


The apples will be overall red with some yellow on it. The taste is sweet and its a joy to eat them directly or, we make some wonderful apple-sauce of it. Red coloured apple-sauce. It took some time to explain it some children that not all apple-sauce is Yellow. This thanks to our supermarkets where we consider apples to give only Yellow apple-sauce. This is how it is. Even some grown-ups I met prefer supermarkets Apple-sauce. Its Yellow, you know. And it has always the same sugar-sweet taste. Its strange, red apple-sauce. It doesn’t suit the image of apple-sauce. It’s the perspective that counts. It’s the way how you are used to comfort things in your live. You want only to have the purest apple-sauce to eat? Go for it when its feels important. No worries if you stick to the applesauce from the supermarket. On the level of existence, it doesn’t matter at all.


So what is Pure? What does matter in the End? If you are looking for an answer on ‘ Who Am I ‘ it doesn’t matter if you’re a vegetarian with strong passions for healthy food and environment or just a consumer, filling up a shopping basket with the qualifications of taste and price-value: if it’s the road to self-awareness you like follow, than that doesn’t matter at all. All whats needed is authenticity: play your role in this Life with passion. Don’t hesitate to be You. Don’t fight against yourself too much. I can promise you: if you really follow Directions Life gives you, it’s all good. No worries about you needed.


So back to the Apple tree. One day later: it’s still there. For the Eye not much has changed. Today there’s sun. The weather is better than expected. Still, the Tree is standing in the same shape, the same size, even more promises to blossom soon. What has changed are the memories on the Tree. Now I remember my grandmothers apple-tree. One day it was cut down. Only a bird house was put on a remaining part. In the end Birds could have some use of the Tree.


Now get rid of all the stories. Soon its just the feelings that remain. You will notice a smile into yourself. From your heart you will glow. Stick to that a while. You are observing the whole process. Shut your eyes and absorb all that is left. Give it no name. Now even stop the qualifications of the intensity of your glowing heart. Now its only an observer left. Open your eyes and realise that this Observer is also part of the chain of object filling space-time. One day you will get the realisation that the object and observer are One. That Yin and Yang are just an idea. From that moment there will be no difference between the Apple-tree and your memories. It all includes You.


One thought on “The Object and Observer are One: like Apple sauce

  1. We is… mixing the singular with the plural… making all one…
    I am grateful you are pointing out the letting go of stories…

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