You cannot Give up your Desires

Some of the Spiritual Roads I’ve followed urged me to give up all earthly desires. I learned that attaining the object of one of my desires would always be followed by a next desire, and so on. And that this would never stop unless, I would understand its origin. Giving up desiring was even needed to obtain self-realisation.

Stop eating now. You definitely will start to feel hungry. That you can learn to withstand but, soon hallucinations full of delicious food will arise. Somehow your body will really need some food or it will die. So your body has shown you, it has its own way of desiring food. Or look at a baby. It will let you know by crying its heart out that it needs food, drink and most important: carefull attention in general. As soon as you are born, you will let yourself heard in dire need of the most elemental care that helps you to stay alive.

That is more like a way to survive your existence!

So now you try to tell me that a wish to have a beautiful car is of another category?

Of course, because I won’t need the car but, I most certainly need food and water!

Well, I will show you that there is not much of a difference at all. When you were a baby you already knew how to draw attention to get all basic essential needs. I hope you had parents that had great hearts and started to give you all what your young heart was longing for.

You were adorable, lovable and the most cutest girl in the world. Your mother gave you everything you wanted to have almost immediately because, she couldn’t resist. However, one day it changed in your perception. You would ask for a beautiful doll. It had Pink clothes and you would be so happy to show it your friends at school. Now your mother didn’t gave you the doll instantly but, told you that you soon would have your birthday, and then it was the right moment to get the doll. She is addressing you now as a person. A young girl that has to learn the ways of life. It’s at that same age you get the Idea as a separated human being. From now on it’s the world at one side and you at the other side. Duality has been born.

Your always loving and caring mother has set you on both feet and lets you know that all wishes will not be granted immediately, or not answered at all. From now on you will know that to get your desires fulfilled you have to wait and see. Later in your live you know that you have to work hard to get some of your desires to come out. By that time you already forgot where the mechanism of desiring came from.

Your parents created you, nurtured you and within this sharing there was no separation. The unconditioned love of your mother did make you feel one with everything. Now you have to wake up in a world that is not part of you. It can be in your favor but, oftentimes it will confront you.

What does this say about desiring?

In the connection with your mother, everything was immediately there. Actually, before you were born your mother gave you everything you needed without even that you had to ask for it. There was not even time to desire something! Asking and giving were almost simultaneously. The principle of desiring was part of you, but unnoticed by you. Now you will say: what if a baby is born and no one cares? Then it will cry for help or die. There is no instant food anymore, so it has to cry. Crying is the only thing the baby can do. How complex the road for Desire will be during your life-time turns out to be different for everyone. The circumstances into you were born and raised will give different approaches to live: so all wishes will be different, in all kind of shapes and seizes.

Now go back to the child wishing a doll, or better we go back to you longing for that red Ferrari. Grown-ups have complex ways of desiring. From the moment you as a child were put up on your own feet, you have built up numerous idea’s that come with your wish: it can go from a modest asking for a few small things up to a dazzling number of money to be able to buy your next multi corporation. And all that is between. Or you have a wish to draw attention, even if you have to trick yourself into a disease or other bad event. So obsessive it can become.

The basic is for everyone the same: desires and gifts are instantly, shake hands, but now as a separated person, or ego-like person, you have included a time-line: a waiting-line. Lets give the child a million dollars: the doll will be there before it even was wished for. Give the billionaire his new corporation, the same will happen. Walk into a huge supermarket with cash in surplus, your body will immediately start to buy you the Food you need. Even before you had time to find to make a choice. Don’t forget to eat first at home! Try it yourself! At some moment in your life you will have a change to get tired of yourself , pursuing all the new desires to be fulfilled. Even your wish to become Enlightenment becomes trivial.

Never forget that at the moment You find yourself as a separated you, the timeline will be added in the structure of desiring. So from the perspective of the person it will NEVER be possible to give up this concept of desiring. First of all some churches but also some new-age groups like you to think that giving up mundane desires is needed to obtain wisdom. Leave them. Its impossible. First when you start to take the position of Consciousness itself, your Birthright, you will be able to watch the principle of Desiring. Then with no person to desire left, the miracle will happen again like in the your mother’s womb: it all happens instantly.


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