Advaita Vedanta: the Immediate Love!

Although your words, based in the old tradition of Advaita Vedanta, point me to Truth itself, over and over , at times it totally seems to avoid the deep emotional Problems people look an immediate answer for. The Answer always makes a real life problem into somewhat trivial. Can you go deeper into this?

One of the reactions I sometimes get about Advaita Vedanta as a way to acknowledge Truth, is that it is having a problem to recognise the real deep emotions from people having a tough time in their lives. It’s not a first time I hear that. So I would like to go deeper into this.

During the years that I visited my masters (Alexander Smit) Satsangs I noticed how specific He could be in his answer, asked by one and given to all. But fully mentioned in a very personal approach to the questioner.

At moments you would expect Him to be soft and compassionate, the answer could be packed in an overwhelming thunderstorm of words falling down upon the questioner. At other moments He could be as gentle as a nursing mother, full of care and comforting. The magic was the way the answer was received. People cried, laughed, went silent. Then the message had found its way. Some of His answers to me are up to 20 years old. And still they find their roots in a deep foundation inside me and at the moments I needed them, they would suddenly but certain show up out of nothing.

Advaita Vedanta found Me on my way to get answers on ‘ who am I’ . It’s because Satsang with the Master creates an immediate connection with Truth itself. The message itself in fact is full of Love. A Love that sets you off in Highway-speed beyond the mist of thoughts. Words itself are just the method of expression, like petrol ignites your car-motor.

Sometimes I find myself dragged into a discussion about the words itself. Advaita Vedanta as a political wordfeud: debating the words itself instead of where the words do point at. You can use Fire to cook yourself a great Meal, but also you can use the same match-stick to burn down your neighbour’s house. The Fire itself doesn’t care. Its you who will be asked to make a choice, an immediate Identification with the match-stick in your hands.

All of you look for Enlightenment, no doubt. What else would you be doing in this awakening-state? This Life is all meant to realise Yourself. Even for the people who are not interested in any spiritual direction, the clock is ticking and not backwards. So there is no escape. When Advaita Vedanta hits your life: you can tell your friends it’s a Ferrari that took you further. Fasten your seatbelts and let it take you down the road of Life! I knew this after one meeting but. Others will leave it behind to find themselves into another vehicle.

I feel immensely touched by what happens during our talks. True enough. At the same time I hope to find relief here for the sudden Loss of my husband. It’s hard to get my emotional life into balance again.

The loss of you husband is not to be solved with these kind of sessions. I also meet people who say at such moments in life: it’s all Maya or just a Body-Mindtrip. If this is a way to handle with a sudden emotional loss in your life that’s fine with me. I won’t recommend it.

I am not doing that?

Still there is some part of you looking for a spiritual answer to the loss you had. Listen carefully now: acknowledge your pain. Cry! Let the tears come and shout it out that you are in pain. Because that is what you are. Loosing someone you care is a very hard thing. Its takes time to overcome the event. It’s not like a real punch in your face. That pain will fade away and the blue marks will leave soon enough.

Pain and a deep feeling of a loss are all over you now. Go visit friends or special support-groups and try to share your feelings. When you would break a leg, would you come to me to ask for an answer? I hope you visit a doctor first! Look, what I prefer is that you will be able to get your life back on track again. Life itself will show you the way how to do this.

It’s true that such a heavy impact in your life can also give answers on the road ‘ who am I’ . I don’t deny that. It’s for sure a change to observe your emotions. After a while then these emotions will get hiatus. That is because you won’t keep them alive with thoughts. Emotions will end sooner or later. But that’s for a later moment. Don’t start to meditate when the house is on fire. First things first. Let Life lead you., Truth will always be there. As You are.


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