Take the Position of Consciousness itself!

I seem not to be able to give up my urges to become a better person as a criterion to Realise Me. You talk about doing nothing, just observing carefully. It sounds to easy to me. I do my daily routines, watch them. I live my life and watch it. Still I feels useless not to be actively doing something good in and Spiritual.


Well, it’s a good sign you closely yourself admit the pattern of your behaviour. And frankly, that is what I mean by close observing your daily life-actions. I remember in the time master Osho mentioned: ” you should do nothing “, a lot of his Sanyasins really dropped their work to do nothing then. Listen, He wasn’t saying give up your work or any other parts of your life. On the contrary, enjoy your partner, your kids, pets, hobbies’, toothpaste and even your favorite steak. In the tradition of Advaita Vedanta there is NO immediate need to change your life at all! Just observe it. Be the observer. I prefer that we concentrate ourself on the observer-part.


Of course, practice Yoga if it makes you feel better. Enjoy the postures to the fullest! Eat vegetarian if it makes you feel healthier. Go meditating: it surely will make you more at ease when you feel part of the modern rat race. In fact in this society we tend to fill up every minute of our life. Even when it comes to so-called Spiritual activities. Don’t you worry. It is part of this era. If you work asks for high attendance, that’s how it is then. If you have to rush a lot to get your things done. Then it has to be like that. Just live your life in the way it is presented to you. In good and in bad. Once again I will tell you: there is no alternative so-called better life needed. And I’m not a doctor that prescribes one for you.


Actually when you really start to observe like a watcher, and you notice all routines to pass by at the moment they are done, Life can become even more demanding than ever. In that time it will start to change. Slowly but certain You will know what Life is all about. For now it’s already enough for you to enjoy the fact that you sit here as a very interested listener. That already puts you in the right direction! Perhaps you have never realised it but, that you listen to these talks is already a Giant step on your road.




You wouldn’t be here in the first place. Most likely you will take part in a thousand other activities. Now there are only a handful of people really interested in the subject ” who am I ” if you compare it to the billions that live on this planet. So it is really a miracle you made it to me. Its like traveling from Holland to Spain by car. Its pretty sure you will drive through France, and most likely through Belgium even. And once in a few rides there you even find yourself back in Luxemburg. You stop there on your way at a local diner and suddenly fall in love with your ” soul-mate “. After a few years of Luxemburg you suddenly remember you trip to Spain and move on. Nevertheless, Luxemburg will stay to be an ineradicable part of your life. It has changed you forever.


So sitting here is enough?

It all unfolds itself in a way you can handle it. That is the beauty of it. As soon as life comes to know Yourself, it will start to get you back into the realisation of the One that You are. Just let it happen. It sounds confusing but, one has to play a Dictator, a Butcher, a Politician, a Cleric even, and even when its You finding yourself living your life in the way its meant to be.


Just always take the position of Consciousness itself. Watch yourself to happen. A bit like watching a full life on a movie-screen. You fully identify with the people in the movie but, in the same time you know it’s all observed by You. It’s then that you will establish the position of the observer. More and more.


One thought on “Take the Position of Consciousness itself!

  1. Observing the self… allowing life to unfold…
    Thank you for your teachings, I look forward to reading them. Namaste

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