At the Point of Choice, you already gave up Freedom

You told me that Life unfolds itself to me. And I shouldn’t interfere in this process. Still I experience that Life gives me Choices to make. Not only in a Spiritual sense, but also on the level of daily life. I’m sorry, but I can’t seem to live without making choices.


Let me be clear that at the moment you feel put up with a choice to make, there is really nothing to do anymore than make some decision. You can take a walk, meditate on it, study it, guess it, debate it, but in the end its true: Life asks you to make a Choice. It can be as trivial as what you should have for dinner, or as complex that if you should break up with your partner. Anyway, at that point you already have gone one big step too far.


Throw a stick in a streaming River and it will immediately goes with the flow. The wind, the depth of the River, sometimes the rain falling into the river and numerous other unexpected events will put its influence on the direction the stick follows. It will totally blend in into the water mass. Sometimes you even have to watch close to find the stick back in the water. More or less it has become part of the river. Even when the river splits up, the stick doesn’t hesitate and finds the way of the water stream. Now what happens when the river gets troubled by mud, stones that have built up little island like structures in the River? The stick seems to hesitate. It even stops temporarily its travel. Look at the water! It tries to lift up the stick because, all the pressure of the water will be put onto the stick. Suddenly the water flow and the stick seems to have different agenda’s.

Most of the time you follow the river, but now and then you act like the lost stick: you lose track and for that moment you lose the flow of ” your ” life. Actually you put yourself on hold on and wait where to go. By then the whole armada of Thoughts, Feelings and Identifications drag you into Court to fight over the direction to take. Like in courtrooms you seem to have given your destiny in the hands of something beyond reach. Well, coming in the Supermarket to choose for pasta or rice seems to be trivial, but now what when your guest seems to have a gluten-allergy and you have made wonderful pasta Carbonaro?


Still I consider it hard to stay in direct response the whole day long.


During the day we do numerous things , just out of immediate action, no prepared thinking involved. Now suddenly Life addresses us with a big choice to make. Anyway, you consider it at that time a big question. Then you know, you’ re already trapped into making choices.

Within the first split-second of the moment a Choice wants to be solved, something has happened. You created you: a separated idea of You, build up and at the same time lost in a mixture of emotions and thoughts. Perhaps the news was shocking to you, all of a sudden, you hadn’t seen it coming.: you had n’t seen it coming. What you say? You hadn’t seen it coming? Even then there is no You needed to see it coming. Its sounds odd, but I assure you: you will know what to do. You will know how to handle immediately. You are direct response Yourself!


Not to long ago I got two wonderful job-offers on the same day. I was totally overwhelmed by both chances. I really had not expected to get two great offers. I really had no sudden answer.


Thanks for this good example. You already had gone too far. You, as part of the flowing river knew where to go for, but your whole mindset took over. When there is no you, You will immediately know what to go for. I agree it takes time to live your life without having to make choices. Courage is needed. Each time you find yourself having to make up directions, before coming into action, go back to the moment the question was asked. Over time you will know that upon a sudden event there is immediate knowledge what to do. Always.

No worries. Even when you make a big ” mistake “, a bad choice, Life will show you the way back into the streaming river. Just don’t build up Idea upon Idea until you get messed up inside like a mudflow with nowhere to go. Life will definitely gets you back on track. Its your bunch of Idea’s that keeps you drowned in the river. And why should you let that happen?


One thought on “At the Point of Choice, you already gave up Freedom

  1. Choices… looking back at big bad choices I can now see that so much was interfering… so much in the way… ego, mindset… mudquire. Life was a big struggle then.
    I’ve taught myself how to float, endlessly, trusting the water to cradle me, to hold me. But I had to learn that it can only happen with total surrender and only then the water and my body become one. It started with courage and belief, and eventually i understood how i had to let go of my fear, and give in to surrender… more even than I imagined was needed. And then the symbioses happened.

    Your teaching about choices is excellent, I realise even more about surrender.

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