You’re like a filled Balloon, looking for Air

Is there anything I could do to speed up my path to Enlightenment?


First of all, there is no path to Enlightenment. You are Enlightenment. There is nothing to reach and nothing to get. You cannot become what you already are. As soon as you are aware of your presence, so close after waking up, when the world is coming to its full senses, stay the watcher on the hill. Although, noticing the watcher is already building up a new mindset on its own.

Let us be clear. The appearance of the working body/mind is in community with the working senses . In fact no body without working senses. Where would it be? It’s already a play in itself. To understand more of it you have to realise that awareness itself is always expressed in the body/mind.

Its like filling balloons with air. You can’t see the air, but with the filled balloons you know that there is air inside of them. Now imagine yourself to be a balloon that is fully flying in the sky and shouts: I want to find the air!


Now watch every-step you make: waking up, taking a shower, having breakfast, all the numerous thoughts, feelings, impressions. At some point you will give it up. Existence already takes you up into its home with countless rooms and corridors between them.

Don’t be afraid. It’s impossible to watch all your movements. You can meditate, follow them, wave them good-bay or just let them be. At some point you will notice that the watcher will become aware of itself. Its more like an implosion. It’s not adding something and it’s not taking either. Suddenly both parts shake hands and commune. Don’t be afraid.




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