Don’t Create Good Thoughts

I worry about the negative thoughts that I have.


Because I think that I only need to have positive thoughts to create a better life.

Rain doesn’t complain about its wetness. Fire has no trouble with its own heat. What I want you to make clear is that you are trapped into the deep vast caves of your thoughts.
In this occasion you divide thinking into a group of bad guys and a team of angels. Actually you take one big ball of thought and create two teams: the goodies and the baddies. In fact, there is even a third-party made out of the mass: its you, the referee.
It could be fun to create two teams of players and you as a willing watcher on the hill. But hey, your question shows me that you are not that happy at all.

First of all you don’t act like a good referee. The game is running and you want the bad team to lose. But listen carefully: a good referee takes no stand. So don’t start to tell me you want this game to end properly.

Of course I want it to end. I often feel very moody by my sorrows. When I try to hold on nice thoughts soon I get in the usual habit of worrying.

So leave the position of the referee out. Let them do their own game. I assure you the two of them will be fighting each other with great fun. Leave them and soon they will get tired and give up their game or you even won’t notice there is some match going on.


First you have to realise that this whole system of thought is part of the body/mind-structure, and the body, including the senses creates its own vivid all-day waking state.
Now what you want is that this system of being alive in the form only shows itself as a never-ending happy story.

Well, let me tell you: this is never ever going to happen, because the waking-state is a state of duality: good and bad, black and white, dark and light. It needs the opposite to be alive. In fact the two parts make the one part. You think they fight. In effect they constantly seek for balance.

Better, the whole game is just there because you love to be part of it. Its your own creation, the so-called referee that troubles the game. Don’t find yourself to be a solution to duality. There is no solution to be found by you.
Let them, leave them, don’t interfere. First then you can make a steep step, a sense of awareness of you as your boundless self. You are the stadium itself, the white screen where it is all happening, endlessly and never-ending.


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