Believe, Future and Prediction


May I ask you: do you believe in predicting the future with Tarot cards or astrology?

Your question raises a lot. There are actually three questions in one sentence. You’re talking about believe,  future and fortune telling by the use of tarot and or astrology. I am therefore called to answer this question in stages.


Let me start with the word believe. I think it’s a word without any content. You can not do anything with it. Its thin and weak.
If you tell me: Last week i was  in the opera-building in Beijing, then you’d be able to substantiate it with a ticket, a receipt, the program booklet, a plane ticket, a hotel stay in Beijing to your name that night. Although I know you as someone who does not love to travel, I say, that I well believe you. The verification of all your travel documents do not need, I think finally, I believe your word.


If you would tell me that  last week you were in the space shuttle, orbiting the earth that would have triggered  me , that you made it up on the spot.
Oh I know, you’re adventurous and imaginative. I think it’s a great, fun story.
So I also know people who suffered all the terrible diseases of the world , but meanwhile they celebrate holidays in most challenging sporting events and I’ve never been able to catch them with a a cold. But hey, it’s probably their way to get attention. I think it’s ok,, so I ‘think so.

That sounds so casual: what does it matter, “I believe so.” Whether you really have been in the Space Shuttle or not : it is your story. It is part of the overall package of what you call you right now.

I prefer to change my “I believe you “ into “ I trust you” or ” I have faith “ in you, because that is what I actually mean. Your stories are your experiences: most I like, some I find too fantastic. But hey, I like You. You are a friend. I Trust You. I have faith in you.  I need no evidence for who you are. You are you and I take it all inclusive.

Does this mean that you believe or have faith in anything what others say?

No, absolutely not. The word believe however gives that suggestion. The word itself implies that the information itself is beyond any doubt and must be fully accepted as truth itself. When confidence is the fact,   I fully accept you as a person, but that your information may be examined if I wanted to.

Your personal experiences, I fully trust. Once you accept an opinion about something then there is the freedom to explore this view.
This is also the difference with the dictator who makes truth into law, the minister who wants you to blindly believe his word, the parent with an inexorable demand for obedience, the general public that  drops you by the wayside, and the scientist dictating you that all the non-rational refers to the land of fable.
I challenge you to trust me, and at the same time do examinations of the information you receive from me.

This research leads to personal experience. Live your accumulated knowledge and test it with the ideas of others. This keeps it fresh and always live  your own experience by the full.

This is complete freedom.


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